• Discussion: Episode Rewrite - Which Episode Would You Change?

    Borg here. Let me start by saying Friendship is Magic is an amazingly awesome show. Of course, if I didn't think that, then why am I writing for a My Little Pony blog? I'm not that much of a masochist. Well regardless, one way or another our individual tastes combined with our primate brains rank each episode as we see it. What's cool though is not everyone's favorite episode is the favorite for everyone and the same goes for anyone's least favorite.

    So my question is this: If you were given the power to remake any Friendship is Magic episode (or 2-parter) as a Special Edition, which episode would it be? Would it be your least favorite episode? Is it a Spike episode? Maybe your favorite episode needed that one extra bit of something!

    Discuss below!

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    So If I had the power to remake an episode it would probably be the series pilot, both episodes. I would remove the shot of the CMC huddled together before they met, I would fix all the magic animations, and a number of animation errors. I would bring it up to today's standards and make the beginning of FiM a truly amazing start.

    What's your idea?