• Community Soapbox #43 - Cadance and Immortality, Recent Clop Poll, Donkey Cutie Marks, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Equestrian Empathy and Sympathy
    • Clop Doesn't Make Us Look Any Worse 
    • Is Cadence Immortal?
    • The Most Important Pony of them All: Pinkie Pie
    • Can Donkeys Have Cutie Marks?

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    Is Cadence Immortal?
    By: Misty Moon

    How long has Cadence lived? We have confirmation that Twilight has a limited lifespan, however we have no proof this extends to Cadence as we no just about nothing about her (I'll remind you the books are not cannon) I personally believe she has been around a very long time. Why? Because of the episode Twilight's Kingdom, in the episode, Celestia, Luna, and Cadence give their magic to Twilight to hide it from Tirek, as he is unaware of a fourth alicorn princess. What's important here is that Tirek is apparently only unaware that Twilight exists. This implies he is aware of Cadence's existence, and unless she has been around for at least one thousand years this would not be possible. The only other (In cannon) explanation for this I can think of is that Celsestia is stupid and doesn't see the magic would be better hidden in two different ponies, but I like to think she's smarter than that. As for why Cadence wasn't involved in fighting all the villains one thosuand years ago is because she was younger and still learning. Of course I could be wrong and just looking to much into a cartoon horse show!

    Clop Doesn't Make Us Look Any Worse
    By: Renzi 

    The recent poll on this website really brought out the worst in people. So much bickering over a topic that is so trivial with one of the most prevalent being that rampant clop makes the brony fandom look bad. I really feel like this is a ridiculous sentiment because the reality is... We already look bad. Many of us are men watching a show originally intended for little girls. It only recently got a PG rating at the theaters. No where in the world is that an honorable or amazing thing. No where in the world will you find complete support for this. Men genuinely enjoying adorable ponies will never be accepted by society as a whole. Some might see it as a novelty, but if you go to the average bar in a brony shirt and start talking about how much you love Pinkie Pie and how much she has changed your life, you will be laughed right out the second they start thinking you are serious. Clop or not, people already think you are super weird if you are a male watching MLP.

    This isn't a bad thing though. We live in an era where having a weird hobby is pretty much becoming normal. Where you can login to the internet and have access to entire websites dedicated to people just like you. So what if society thinks we are insane? I bet they have some weird infatuation behind the scenes too. Look at all the politicians getting caught with freaky porn.

    On top of this, we are already branded with the clop label and it's never going away. That has been the case since 2011. I'm sorry, but a poll on EQD isn't going to make us look any worse than we already were. The people that care that people clop to ponies already dislike us, and the people that don't care aren't going to be swayed in any way, because they probably have weird things they are into to. They would have hopped on the bandwagon already.

    The Most Important Pony of them All: Pinkie Pie
    By: Gregory

    There is one pony without whom this entire adventure would never have occurred.
    It is the one pony that possesses all the elements of harmony and yet is the most humble,
    the smartest, fastest, hardest working and most purely magical.
    I, of course mean Pinkie Pie.
    Because she is the one that set the whole thing in motion. She shocks Sparkle so Twilight will not waste time making friends; she gathers the rest of the Mane Six together for the first time; she finds the book; she raises the spirits while introducing the idea of using song to tell the story...
    She is the most vital member of the Mane Six along with Twilight-they could have gotten any other 4 ponies to cover the elements except only she could be Laughter.
    And remember Flurry Heart goes to her with 2 parents and 4 alicorns to pick from. And she jumps into action when Equestria is in jeopardy-like from parasprites. And she makes everypony Smile, Smile Smile!
    And all the time is insulted and dismissed.
    Let's clarify who or what Pinkie is-she is more than just a Partypony!

    Can Donkeys Have Cutie Marks?
    By: Omega Koga (Golden Quil)

    Cutie Marks define ponies and The Magical Mystery Cure showed that CMs encompass everything a pony can do with even secondary talents like Rainbow Dash's weather management was passed onto Rarity during the big switch(albeit poorly). Their important to the point where other races want Cutie Marks(Or just Gabby, who is an oddity) but my question is how many tribes beside ponies can have them? We've seen that Zecora has a Cutie Mark and she's a Zebra, so how many equines have them? Do they have CM equivalents? If they do then give me that lore baby! If Zebras have them then the next most logical choice would Donkeys but we've seen that even Mules which should be half-pony don't have them(which means other hybrids couldn't either), but I believe all equine races can get Cutie Marks or CM equivalents and that they either lack the soul searching culture that lets ponies get them or just don't know how to.

    Equestrian Empathy and Sympathy
    By: Booksmart

    My little Pony :Friendship is magic is truly an influential and popular show, isn't it? one of many reasons why? : its ability to influence the neuropsychological and behavioral spectrum of ts audience . Which involves the power of empathy and sympathy . (or in lamex terms, "Bringing the feels") IF all the Vulcan and Betazoids channeled the empathetic energy in Equestiria , they willtruly be in bliss! unlike any other show, My little Pony :Friendship is Magic helps sharpens the sensitivity ,emotions , and compassion, to both male and female audience members alike! and I say this as a empath myself! When your favorite Mlp character or characters cries, you cry. When they laugh. you laugh! When they think and know, your thoughts and knowledge connected with theirs! Personality traits, aspirations,, life experiences, speech and thought patterns, talents and abilities , beliefs- MLP truly does makes you walk in their horseshoes! And thanks to power of MLP , it's helps you express your emotions without same no matter what personality type , sex , gender, age , or culture you are! Being a brony is nothing to be abashed about! So, come on! Express how MLP influenced your life in any way, shape or form.everypony!