• A Bunch of People Around the Fandom Review - Royal Problem and Others

    With how messy this season has been, I've decided to just go ahead and include other season episodes in here too instead of flooding the roundup. Below the break, you will get your Royal Problem reviews, then break into a bunch of other episodes from season 7, and finish with some oldschool stuff.

    Go get em below!

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    Analysing "A Royal Problem" with Doctor Wolf and Tricky Fox by Tricky Fox

    [2] Source

    pat reviews: mlp s7 ep 10 by Patrick Rowberry

    [3] Source

    Bronimaniacs Discuss Episode 18: A Royal Problem by Venomous Pie

    [4] Source

    Digigex90's Reviews Episode 10: a royal problem (MLP:FIM) by Digigex90

    [5] Source

    On second look A Royal Problem by Rotkopfbrony redhatbrony

    [6] Source

    A Royale Problem - The 2nd Opinion (Ft. Anna Madsen) by The Second Opinion

    [7] Source

    A Royal Problem Review, an over-inflated opinion. by Freedom Flash

    [8] Source

    A Royal Problem Review | PONES N STUFF by The CC Network

    [9] Source

    All Bottled Up - Just the Highlights by Caffeinated Pinkie VA

    [10] Source

    MLP Review: Hard To Say Anything by Sharp Wit

    [11] Source

    Pentatonic Scales Art of the Dress by Mike's Geek World

    [12] Source

    Taking Brotherhooves Social Too Seriously ft. TrickyFox by FOB Equestria