• TrotCon Announces Heather Breckel, Reveals Vendor Hall for 2017

    TrotCon over in Colombus, Ohio has expanded their show staff offerings with Heather Beckel of IDW. Along with that, they have news on the vendor hall. Go get the presser below!

    TrotCon Announces Heather Breckel, Reveals Vendor Hall for 2017

    We're a month and a half away from TrotCon 2017, so let's kick out final stretch of announcements into full gear, shall we?

    We'll start with an oldie but a goodie, someone you'll certainly know if you've been coming to TrotCon the last few years.

    That's right, Heather Breckel is back at TrotCon!

    Breckel is of course best known on our end as the colorist for the IDW Publishing comic series for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that's been a perfect complement to the TV show through its existence. You read one of the comics? Chances are you laid your eyes on some of her work. And loved it. Duh.

    Beyond that, Breckel (a Columbus, Ohio, native too! Imagine that!) has worked in similar capacities across other titles, including IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and Godzilla: Half Century War, Image Comics' Peter Panzerfaust, Dark Horse Comics' Number 13, plus some of her personal projects, like Angie Ruins Fire Emblem.

    She'll be back for panels this year as well as spending time in our vendor hall.

    Wait, vendor hall. We gotta announce who's in that still, right?

    OK, let's.

    We've got 56 tables of TrotCon-y goodness this year, same pony place, same pony time. Both the vendor listing AND map is now available on our website, with further additions and subtractions possible depending on... eh, y'know, the usual.

    Point is, chances are about 95 percent of this is going to stay exactly the same by the time TrotCon rolls around this July.

    In addition to Heather Breckel and a few of our community guests (along with some fellow conventions! Hi, fellow conventions!), you'll find many of the awesome vendors that usually adorn TrotCon's vendor hall (some of whom have been around since we started up in 2012), along with new faces.

    Go on. Check it out. Figure out what you're gonna buy this year. You know you wanna.

    More announcements on the way, y'all! Including musicians and our final round of community guests.

    Dig. It.

    Remember, folks, pre-registering for TrotCon is 1) hella easy, and 2) almost closed for the year! On June 14, sponsor badges are closed for 2017, and regular weekend passes ($50) stay available until June 20. After that point, you'll only be able to purchase a badge at the door. Don't miss out!
    And the usuals:
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