• Milenio Coleccionables Has a New MLP Figure Lineup With 3D Versions Available

    Milenio Coleccionables Has a New Figure Lineup

    A company called Milenio Coleccionables has revealed a new pony lineup over on their Facebook page. These guys are based out of Mexico with no confirmation of the toys heading elsewhere, but they are pretty cool regardless.

    They also come with an app that lets you scan all 12 figures in for 3D stuff and books for each. Each week drops one pony for $120 Mexican pesos.

    Head on down below for the video, images, and more info! !

    Roughly translated says:

    The "My little pony" magic of colletion has arrive, have fun with the characters of this cartoon, and it will be fun !

    1.- Princess Twilight Sparkle (figurine) + book with hard cover "Princess of freindship" + collectible breifcase (release may 26 to June 1 )
    2.- Rainbow Dash (figurine) + book hard cover "Welcome to Rainbow Falls" (release June 2 to June 8)
    3.- Pinkie Pie (figurine) + book hard cover "Surpirise Party" ( release June 9 to June 15)
    4.- Fluttershy (figurine) + book hard cover "Pet Day's" ( release June 16 to june 22 )
    5.- Applejack (figurine) + book hard cover "Team Work" (realease june 23 to june 29)

    6.- Rrity (figurine) + book hard cover "Fashion Week" ( release June 30 to July 6 )
    7.- Spike (figurine) + book hard cover "Spike is the best" (release july 7 to july 13)
    8.- Princess Luna  (figurine) + book hard cover " Noche de Brujas" (this one will be translated as "Witch's Night" but in México this is the name that is giving to halloween or Nightmare Night) (release july 14 to july 20 )
    9.- Princess Celestia (figurine) + book hard cover "Magic of Friendship"  ( release July 21 to july 27 )
    10.- Zecora (figurine) + book hard cover " Welcome to everfree" (release July 23 to august 3)
    11.- Cheerilee (figurine) + book hard cover "Speel of love" ( release august 4 to august 10)
    12.- Princes Cadance (figurine) + book hard cover "Welcome to the Crystal Empire" (release august 11 to august 17)

    Thanks to Alexis and Victoria bronies for the heads up and translation!