• Fall of AnterFOLD Version 4.5 Released

    Fall of Anterfold, the survival horror pony game, has a new version out for those of you following its development. With some UI, graphical, and game play improvements the game is really coming along!

    Check on after the break for the full change log.

    Finally we have released a new version, this version contains changes associated with game play especially inventory mode and problem with selection. We hope you are ready for a Co-op Test if you still not registered, please do so because registration will be closed soon.

    Here we go:
    Change Log:
    Visual Changes:
    - Some UI elements now are hidden.
    Game Play's Changes:
    - Added display of how much ammo left after shot.
    - Fixed a problem with selection, now this works fine.
    - Improved Inventory Mode and reduced amount of hotkeys.
    - Fixed a bug with Tanesis Pills,after use effect did not work properly.
    - Fixed a bug with Pistol "Hunter",reload of this weapon didn't work.
    - Old cursor now replaced with new.
    Other Changes:
    - Changed old system of graphical settings with new.
    - Added Episode 4 East Gates to launcher.
    - Old theme of launcher replaced with new.

    Thank you for the support!

    Twitter: Calpain