• Clarification from WoodenToaster / Glaze on the Brony Dance Party Takedowns

    A few days ago we posted about takedowns and copyright strikes happening over on Brony Dance Party's channel. With Woodentoaster (AKA Glaze) joining the record label Ostereo, his songs are now technically part of their family. Quite a bit of misconception and wild theories happened as a result, and he contacted us to clear it up.

    Apparently this is an ongoing negotiation between Brony Dance Party and Ostereo. As Glaze puts it, the current plan is a "payment for usage" 50% revenue split on all videos using his songs. There was no original agreement to monetize these, and he never received anything back for providing the music. Ostereo has stepped in to defend him.

    With how Youtube works, many of the repeat views of people simply listening to the song are being funneled to the animations as opposed to the actual source links on Glaze's channel, meaning much less ad money in the long run. For an indie musician, that's not good. Less money means less time to devote to the craft and less awesome Glaze music for us.

    Ostereo's official email response:

    We are working now to come to a good resolution so this video comes back shortly.

    Hopefully they can find a common ground here, but for now, we can only wait and see what they decide on.