• Toy Fair: MLP Sunglasses, Jewelry, and... Augmented Reality!?

    Hey folks! The Illustrious Q here bring you some "they thought they escaped our notice" MLP Toy News from New York Toy Fair! After spending Saturday afternoon sending Seth over three hundred pictures of the upcoming My Little Pony: The Movie and Equestria Girls Toys--I still can't get over how fast Sunset Sushi became a thing--I spent the last few days of Toy Fair on their exhibit floor looking for things that might have escaped WeAreBorg's notice when he scouted out the Toy Fair Floor.

    Aside from a couple of items that I absolutely could not photograph (and thus really talk about , but they are super neat) there was really not much that we missed while we were initially out on the floor. But we did miss a couple of gems that really brought a smile to this Brony's face.

    Like Sun-Staches booth filled with different molded sunglasses in the shapes of Pop culture icons! And no your eyes are not deceiving you, there is a set of glasses for MLP! Be sure to check out after the break for a full look at the offerings from here, World Trade Jewelers, and the augmented reality company Decalomania!


    You'll be the smartest person walking into the library with these Book Horse inspired sunglasses! Remember to protect your eyesight so that you may read everything from books to the recomended age rating of 14+ on these glasses for years to come! 

    Want to party outside like Pinkie Pie? Well now you can thanks to these fantastic shades! 

    I thought it was impossible, but this company made sunglasses twenty percent cooler! I am not sorry.

    For those of you wondering, the age rating on these sunglasses is not a mistake. These sunglasses are sized for adult heads, and they are very generous with the size. I tried on the Pinkie Pie sunglasses while still wearing my regular glasses and they fit without any issues. At an MSRP of $12.99, the quality of these sunglasses are second to none.

    I wonder if DustyKatt has or wants a pair of the Rainbow Dash glasses...

    However these were not the only pony offerings from Sun-Staches.

    I don't know which set I like more. I just know these three do not fit on my oversized head.

    These sunglasses--featuring Twlight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie--are sized for the littlest of My Little Pony fans. Considering that the recommended age rating for this set is three years and older, it wasn't too surprising that these didn't fit on my head.  However the same high grade materials that were used when creating the "big kids" versions of these glasses are present in here. And with an MSRP of $9.99, it's evident that these are designed to withstand the toughest of play sessions!

    World Trade Jewelers

    Hey kids, do you wanna see some Jewelry!?


    Yeah, only TFS Alucard can pull off that joke. Anyways, New York based World Trade Jewelers has been creating kid sized My Little Pony jewelry for a couple of years now. And with the big push coming from Hasbro later this year for My Little Pony, they have a number of really nice new products coming out later this year.

    From rings, to ear rings, and everything in between, World Trade Jewelers has got just about everything the more fashion conscious fans of My Little Pony could ever desire!

    Best part, most of these are coming in Jewelry sets, like the ones featured above! Lots of merch for one price? Can't get better than that!

    Look at this! Two different charm bracelets and a necklace where all the charms can be swapped around!

    A slightly more elegant necklace with a nice MLP branded storage case! Dang, World Trade Jewelers is good at designs jewelry for kids!

    A five piece charm bracelet set, featuring Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Princess Celestia! With little hook clasps for the charms! Definitely easy to swap them out or wear all at once!

    This set of 5 MLP themed rings is the first set to actually feature the Fashion Pony, Rarity! Of course, with 5 MLP rings, options exist for wearing one or all of them at once! Decisions, decisions. One simply cannot decide!

    And speaking of making decisions, for the pony fans who simply must have Twilight and all her friends, this twenty-one piece set includes matching rings and earrings for Twilight Sparkle, all her friends, and Princess Celestia! Apparently the idea behind this one is to wear a different set each day of the week. Smart marketing strategy here.

    I've always liked the look of spinning necklaces. I've never owned one, but being able to rotate a pendant inside another pendant is something my sisters would do all the time with theirs. Kept them entertained for hours on end.

    All of these items are scheduled to come out around June/July. Perfect for the summer!


    Decalomania is a company that focuses on creating licensed vinyl stickers. While that isn't too revlutionary in and of itself, what the company was promoting in a very big way was the how these stickers work with their Augmented Reality app. Yeah, I have to say that seeing Mega Man jump off of a Vinyl Wall sticker and run right past me on my iPhone was more than enough to get my con addled brain firing on all cylinders again.

    It also got me to notice that Decalomania also has a license to produce Augmented Reality enabled MLP Vinyl stickers. While the MSRP for these stickers didn't come up in conversation, the idea that the video or content that the app showcases could be updated on a semi-regular basis to showcase something related to the MLP brand. My mind started firing on all cylinders at that statement, and this product has me absolutely excited about the possibilities!

    The Decalomania AR app is available now for Android and iPhone. You can expect this product to be released in Quarter Two of 2017! We will alert you as soon as we know it is available!