• Bronies For Good's New Charity Album 'A Change Of Heart' Released!

    Bronies For Good continue to do incredible work in the fundraising scene, and this year they've done it again by releasing a new 14-track album to help raise money for the Against Malaria Foundation. Featuring artists such as UndreamedPanic, Flittzy, Totalspark and more, there's a great offering of chilled out and upbeat music here to reward you for donating towards a good cause. You can donate here, after which you'll be emailed a link to the new album as well as all of their older ones, and you can check out the full press release below the break!

    Tuesday was Hearts and Hooves Day / Valentines Day.  It is traditionally speaking, a day for lovers, but it has the potential to be more.  On Saturday, Bronies for Good's seventh charity album, A Change of Heart, was released.  The project was the result of months of work from talented musicians artists and organizers, and the release party raised over a thousand dollars in just a few hours!

    The release party was just the beginning, however. It's an ongoing fundraising effort.  When you donate, you can download A Change of Heart, and all of Bronies for Good’s previous albums!  Donate here, and you’ll be able to download this album, (and all past albums as well).

    What does this have to do with Hearts and Hooves Day?

    Apart from being the flagship album for our annual fundraising efforts, A Change of Heart also has a central message that is especially relevant on this holiday.  The theme for A Change of Heart is global empathy.  What better day than today to reflect upon matters of the heart?

    Global empathy is an oft misunderstood concept because it is a very dry term for a profoundly personal and emotional process.  Humans are instinctively compassionate; upon witnessing the suffering of sentient beings, we are motivated with a desire to help alleviate said suffering.   Regardless of race, background, or country, we care and seek to do our best to help those in need.

    However, everyone’s awareness has limitations.  The modern world is fast-paced, and the suffering of others can all too often seem abstract, especially when it is very far away.  It takes work to both remain aware, and to keep one’s heart from becoming jaded.

    A Change of Heart is all about overcoming those obstacles, as individuals, and as a people.

    The Charity

    It is important for any charitable enterprise to back a trustworthy and effective cause.  Seeds of Kindness benefits the Against Malaria Foundation – an organization that saves thousands of lives by helping to improve health conditions in less-developed nations.

    GiveWell has rated it one of the best charities in the world.

    Over 200 million people contract malaria every year, and many who survive are locked in poverty due to expensive treatments.  It is a permanent catastrophe.

    It is also easily preventable.

    The Against Malaria Foundation stands out because of its strong track record and commitment to efficiency, program monitoring, and transparency.  As malaria-infected mosquitoes mostly bite at night, it can be prevented with cheap, long-lasting insecticidal nets.  As little as $3 buys a net that will protect two people for two or three years and contribute to the permanent elimination of the disease.