• Whinny City Ponycon Announces Sunset Shimmer, and Sweetie Belle!

    Guests are flooding into Whinny city Ponycon this year, with Sunset Shimmer, Sweetie Belle, and some Dragon Ball! Head on down below the break to check out the new big names attending!

    Our guest announcements are kicking off at full speed!

    Rebecca’s and Claire’s art by Sciggles
    Ian’s art by Sweet Cream
    We’re incredibly excited to announce that Rebecca Shoichet (Sunset Shimmer, singing voice of Twilight Sparkle), Claire Corlett (Sweetie Bell), and Ian James Corlett (Silver Shill as well as a TON of roles in other series, not the least of which is the Season 1 voice of Goku from Dragonball Z) are coming to Whinny City Pony Con 2017 as our first Guests of Honor!
    Our guest announcements are being heavily influenced by the popular survey we ran in December. Thanks again to everyone that voted! We want to do our best to make #WCPC17 everything that our attendees want it to be, so your feedback is VERY valuable.

    We need your help!

    With this announcement, WCPC17 has just gotten a LOT bigger, so we need more volunteers, especially those interested in taking charge of our Kids and Special Events departments. Why should you volunteer? Not only do you get into the con for free in exchange for 20 hours of your time over the weekend, discounted staff rooming and a free shirt, you also get behind-the-scenes access to to the convention that no one else gets! Plus, helping out the event and the community is always a plus. Apply to volunteer today!

    Panel, Community Guest, Musician, and Press applications are still open!

    There are plenty of other ways to contribute to WCPC17! Have an idea of something you want to discuss or a game you want to play? Host a panel! Are you a musician or DJ in the fandom? Perform your music! Have a news site or blog? Cover us as press! Have a large following and want to share your time with them? Be a community guest! There are plenty of ways to help make Whinny City better for everyone!

    Sponsor Badges are still available, and are ON SALE!

    To celebrate our big announcement today, all badges – even sponsor badges – are on sale through Sunday, January 29thGet your badge today and save while you can! Don’t forget to book your hotel room too – we’ve added more rooms so Thursdays and Mondays are available again!

    We can’t wait to see you all in a few months! Stay tuned, as more announcements are definitely on the way!