• Orchestral Music: GhostXb - Adagio's Adagio (feat. Mary Grigoryeva) / Cainbow Rrash & A Symphony Of Two - To Find A Better Place

    Time for some orchestral music! First up is a beautiful piece from GhostXb, who has really come into his own in recent times with works like this. A guest violin performance from Mary Grigoryeva provides the centrepiece to a haunting and very well composed expression of feeling from the point of view of Adagio. The second piece is another lovely collaboration between Cainbow Rrash and A Symphony Of Two - and in fact, it's actually the first track they worked together on. It's great to see A Symphony of Two's workflow-style videos continue to work just as smoothly with a third person involved, and the piece itself is a strong, hopeful piece about Babs Seed. Make sure to give them both a listen below!