• Game: Fall of AnterFOLD 3.0

    The 3.0 version of Fall of Anterfold is now out as the game continues to make progress! They've made a number of updates to the game so check on after the break for the full breakdown on this version.

    At last new version,we made a big list of changes that basically focuses on gameplay's part.

    Here we go:
    Visual Part:
    - Reworked texture of Pistol "Fallen".
    - Reworked texture of Antivirus Pills.
    - Reworked textures of some items on Ch 1: Part 1 Trap.
    - Updated a look of creatures in both Parts.
    Gameplay's Part:
    - Added parameter "Blood's Level" and reworked "Bleeding".
    - Added item "Blood Package".
    - Updated a Shot's System,now you can't to shoot in moving.
    - Added a random tables,now all negative parameters will show up on chapters in no particular order and on random rules.
    - Fixed a bug when in some moments Sweetie Blood couldn't to see a players.
    - Reduced 1% damage from Revolver "Anaconda",now for the kill strong creatures you will need a two shot.
    - Galop,duration is decreased from 3 seconds to 2 and movement speed now replaced on not great leap.
    - Fully removed old Health's system and entered a Cardiogram's status.
    Other Part:
    - Updated launcher.
    - Added button "ServFix" for future co-op events.
    - Added "Part 2 Nightmares" to Solo Test.
    - Fixed a some errors in text.
    On site we created section "Suggestions" where you can leave your ideas or vision of some elements.Remember suggestion is a recommendation and can be accepted or declined.
    Also you can from now register account on "Co-op Event".
    You can download a new version from our Fall of Anterfold official page.

    Thank you for support !

    Twitter: Calpain