• "Elements of Harmony" Book Has a Sequel on the Way

    With the great success of the first book, Hasbro has apparently decided to green-light a second one if a new Amazon listing is any indication. The description doesn't reveal a whole lot yet, but if you missed the first book it does give you an idea on what to expect:

    Everything you need to know about the hit TV show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Character bios, episode guides, and maps are just the beginning!

    The second volume of the wildly popular My Little Pony: The Elements of Harmony: Friendship is Magic: The Official Guidebook features seasons 4 through 6, highlights of which include Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Castle of Friendship, the Defeat of Lord Tirek, the Equestria Games, the appearance of Starlight Glimmer, the birth of Princess Flurry Heart, and much more! Don't miss the guide to the friendship lessons Twilight Sparkle and her friends have learned-and live your life in harmony with all other creatures!

    Full color artwork throughout!

    Pre-order it over here! Expect to see it in June

    Thanks to Melody Dream for the heads up.