• Discussion: DROP EVERYTHING and Be a Pony. Do You Do It?

    We haven't done a discussion like this since wayy back in 2011. Lets see what new fandom things shall we?

    The Greatest and Most Powerful Trixie has arrived at your doorstep with the ULTIMATE OFFER with the BIGGEST SACRIFICE. She has chosen you to be Equestrias first human to pony crossover, and the window for deciding is only 30 seconds before she loses contact with Earth for another 30 years.

    You have to decide right now if you will drop everything here, be teleported to Equestria, and become a poni. The race you become is up to you between Pegasus, Unicorn, Earth, or Bat. You will be famous over in ponyland and have a royal stipend paying modestly for your basic needs, but luxuries will need to be worked for the usual way.  The main caveat? You don't have time to tell anyone. You will simply disappear from earth with no communication ever again.

    Do you do it? Do you be the pony?