• Legends of Equestria Limited Access Invites Go Out

    For anyone that signed up for the Limited Access start for Legends of Equestria, it looks like accounts that were chosen should now be contacted with details on how to login. Be sure to check those spam folders and make sure you don't miss it.

    Actual release on the game will happen over the next few months, with more options to join.

    Get the full presser below!

    LoE Presser: 

    Hey again, everypony!

    When we opened up applications for the Limited Access Release, we were stunned by the response. It was super difficult to go through all the submissions and narrow them down to the small pool of ponies we needed for this stage of testing - and we almost didn't make it... But here we are, on the other side of the gruelling task.

    That can only mean one thing: our Limited Access Release players have been chosen!

    Messages have been sent out to the accounts we've chosen to participate. Please check your emails to see if you've received one - and don't forget that pesky spam box! Alternatively, you could check the homepage of our forum; if you can see the LAR-exclusive board, then that means you're in! (It'd be better to check your emails though, I spent like twenty minutes writing out that message for you!)

    Remember, as we've talked about before, this stage of the LAR is mainly a testing phase; this is mainly about getting a small number of players in to test the game on their systems, test how the game will run being always-online, and squash all the bugs we can find. Nopony should feel bad for not getting in, and there'll be plenty more opportunities to join in as the next few months roll out - not to mention that the full release of Legends of Equestria isn't all that far away!

    So, congratulations to those who have been accepted; all the details you'll need are in the LAR forum section. Make sure you read them carefully, and be ready for things to kick off on the 12th!

    And to everyone else, whether you missed out here or are waiting for the full release of LoE to enjoy the completed experience, we encourage you to keep an eye out! More information will be coming soon!

    Thanks everypony, and I'll speak to you again soon!