• Episode Rewatch - Call of the Cutie

    As we move into the mid-season of season 1 we finally arrive at the episode that introduced another set of characters that have played an all important role in the history of the show and the fandom: the creation of the CMC and the introduction of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

    While not considered an amazing episode at the time, especially since folks were upset that these young fillies were taking time away from the main cast, looking back on it you can't deny how important of an episode it was. After all, establishing these characters did bring some adorable sisterly and friendship interactions!

    Check on after the break for the episode and some highlights!

    If you didn't know at this point, butts play an important part in Equestria. In all seriousness, Call of the Cutie was one of the first episodes to tackle Cutie Marks and what they meant to ponies and how ponies get their marks. Very basic information by today's standards, but who would have guessed back then that Cutie Marks would eventually lead a crazy mare to create a cult of equality by removing said marks?

    We also got a bit of expanded lore on the life cycle of ponies by getting our first look at a really, really young pony. Too bad when babies were officially introduced they weren't as cute as Cheerilee here.

    Speaking of Cheerilee, this was the same episode that made this look on her popular, though I think seeing her in her cheer leading uniform is more popular nowadays. Got to appreciate the classics though!

    Ah yes, the introduction of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. The show really did a good job demonizing the two over these many seasons and while it is nice the two of them have since been redeemed it feels a little odd having the CMC without an antagonist.

    Twist was also introduced this episode, her only major appearance if I remember correctly. Even though Apple Bloom and Twist seemed to be friends I always found it odd how after this episode and after discovering that Twist had a Cutie Mark the two never hung out again.

    Well, at least Apple Bloom found some new friends to hang out with instead of dwelling in solitary and depression over her friend getting a cutie mark. Who knows how she would have turned out then.

    Is it just me or does it seem like Pinkie doesn't have as many, or at least memorable, short songs anymore? I always thought they were a cute little addition to the show. Always, it was nice to see Apple Bloom interact with members of the mane six, letting us slowly get used to Apple Bloom and the rest of the CMC as well as introducing a small amount of backstory into how some of the girls got their marks.

    Derpy sighted so you don't have to!

    We also got a fair number of background pony introductions/fandom lore thanks to this episode. For instance, Pokey Pierce was introduced.

    And we learned about the horrors of pony alcoholism as Berry Punch indulged in her vice.

    Finally the episode ends, our young fillies united as the CMC is born. The girls would have a tough season ahead as, like I mentioned above, people complained about them taking episodes from the main cast. But as time wore on those feelings eventually subsided as they became just as irreplaceable as our main cast of characters.

    Now that we've taken a trip down memory lane, how about we dive right into the episode itself? Get it down below and stay tuned for a new rewatch next week!

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