• Discussion: Which Pony Would You Want to Spend the Holidays With?

    It's December, and you have randomly stumbled upon a portal to Equestria. Twilight Sparkle popped out and bombarded you with all sorts of questions about your world. You mentioned at one point that this month on Earth shares a lot of similarities with Hearths Warming Eve over in ponyland, and bookhorse went absolutely crazy wanting to compare the two. Unfortunately, she needs to head back to fight some random Tartaurus beastie that is wreaking havoc in Manehattan, but using her amazing princessly powers, she will happily summon the pony of your choice to study Earth's cultural December traditions in her stead!

    You can pick any pony, alicorn, dragon, griffon, or any other Equestrian race you want. Who will you spend the holidays with?