• Orchestral Music: A Symphony Of Two - Pride / CainbowRrash - Requiem For Melodic / Cainbow Rrash - Mane 6 Symphony

    We have a bunch of orchestral music here, three track in fact! First up A Symphony of Two return with what is probably one of my favourite releases of theirs yet. Their orchestral mixing definitely seems to be improving, and the transitions between the heavy drum-filled sections and softer string-dominated parts are superb. The next two tracks are from a relatively new orchestral producer called CainbowRrash, who has upped their quality impressively over a short period of time. The first is a bittersweet tribute to the beautiful music of the late Melodic Pony, whilst the second is a beautifully composed ode to the entirety of the mane 6, with all the segments wonderfully fitted to each character, and timestamps in the descriptions for each pony's part. Make sure to check out all three of them below!

    1. A Symphony Of Two - Pride

    2. CainbowRrash - Requiem For Melodic

    3. CainbowRrash - Mane 6 Symphony