• Music: Francis Vace - Still Waiting [Soft Rock] / Vahts - Feeling Helpless [Synthwave]

    A whole heap of awesome music has just come out so there might be a couple of double posts over the next few days where it makes sense to combine things. Here we have an awesome double feature of two different sides of Francis Vace's production. First is a new chapter to his TwiLuna storyline, with Still Waiting, a beautiful soft rock track that's far more laid back than a lot of his more energetic rock and ska pieces. Second up is a piece from his secondary alias Vahts, incorporating Applejack's voice in some really cool ways into a chilled out synthwave piece called Feeling Helpless. Check them both out below!

    1. Francis Vace - Still Waiting [Soft Rock]

    2. Vahts - Feeling Helpless [Synthwave]