• To Where and Back Again - Episode Followup (Part 1)

    We've hit the end of the season as of two days ago, and I'm really going to miss it. I greatly enjoyed the new things they tried, even if every episode wasn't perfect.

    The season finale will be split into two followups, starting with this TRIXIE dominated first one and finish with a less Trixie one tomorrow. It got a little bit too long to keep in one. I blame my lack of self control when an entire half an episode has two of my favorite ponies on the show.

    Below the break, we Glim, we Trix, we ship, we celebrate all things this half episode, because it was incredible.

    Now go get it!

    This was my DREAM episode right here. In fact, I loved all the Glimmy episodes. Expect a lot of bias, cause it didn't even stop there this time. I can't help it. She's just that great and she has AMAZING taste in best friends~

    Canon mailpony Derpy. Wasn't she working in a shop last season? In fact, she seems to have a new job every season. Or maybe she works multiple jobs? Either the Equestrian job market is booming and she can rotate at will despite being fired for derpin, or they are going through a crippling income inequality thing and Ms. Hooves needs to make ends meet because living wages don't exist for 50% of ponies. Legasp!

    I've had dreams like this a lot. It's probably the fifth most common on my nightmare list following naked at school while missing a test,  Asian schoolgirl demon clowns with candy cane machine guns, stuck in a cave/closet/outhouse filled with talking spiders, and running through bathrooms with no stalls while desperately trying to hold back last night's Taco bell. That last one is the absolute worst.

    It's also back

    She sees a a bit of herself in Starlight Glimmer does she?! Clearly obvious hinting at a future teamup between moonbutt and Glimmy. How could we not run a side series about a Luna's school for unicorncraft and maregery with Starlight at her side. I can't imagine that would ever be a bad idea.  I really should apply as writer for season 7. How many of you would sponsor me?

    I mean, here we have the BEST proof of my show-leading prowress. The GREATEST and MOST POWERFUL proof. I stuck by her even after years of hatred for my favorite blue mare and suddenly almost everyone loves her. Sure there are a few black hearted demons out there. They make angry videos about me and write nasty articles. But everyone else has finally joined the WINNING side. I've been right all along. I saw the potential. I'm a genius. I always have great ideas. Everyone agrees with my ideas. My ideas are just so perfect. I am perfect. I am no longer alone ;_;.

    Brought to you by Seth.bias

    Oh my god...

    She's back again.

    She's recurring character status.

    She just keeps happening.

    And she's freakin adorable.

    Whoever animated this deserves all the rewards. Whoever wrote her lines deserves even more awards.

    MFW that giant check I sent DHX is clearly paying off. *

    The entire energy grid of the EU and USA could be powered by my SHINING HAPPINESS at the sudden realization that the Greatest and Most Powerful one would be dominating the season finale with her incredible talents.

    And WHAT AN ENTRANCE.  We need an entire episode dedicated to Trixie screwing with Twilight. The amount of salt permeating from bookhorse at Glimmy's friendship choice and the absolutely stellar way the more-than-aware Trixie rubbed it in was a joy to behold.

    And you know Glimglam is in on it. It's revenge for all those ridiculous friendship lessons even though Starlight has clearly already surpassed Twilight's friendshipping in every possible way by picking an incredible pony companion on her very first try.

    "Why do you need more friends when you already have the best one Glim? You can't dedicate all of your time to her if you are off making new ones". ~Sethisto: Princess of Friendship 2017

    I'm comin' for you Twily~



    You can't hate me for this. Part one of this finale is TRIXIE. She stole the show. Even Calpain said she stole the show. My Pre-reader Skype group that always tells me my choice in ponies is terrible and threatens to genocide my bat ponies even agreed.

    Also smoke bombs. Apparently that's Trixie's forte now, even if she sometimes gets a little bit too excited and breathes in the fumes. Her coughing fits just mean she's that motivated.

    And now for another brief excerpt from a masterfully written work of fan-based romantic literature. I present to you:

    Fifty Shades of Glimglam - Part 2
    Written by: Sethisto Scootaloo

    Ohhh Staaarlight~ Now that your annoying mentor is out of the way and we are all alone out here, perhaps you'd like to continue where we left off back at my wagon last month? 

    Ummm, are you sure? We really should be getting to the village. We don't want to be late for the festival. 

    Aww, don't be such a sour apple Glimmy... Just look at you. I've never seen a pony so tense. Let Trixie be your screwdriver and loosen up those bolts a bit~

    I don't know Trixie... I don't want to ruin things. What if it gets weird? Every friendship I have ever read about has ended badly when two ponies do... that.

    Oh pshh, you sound just like Twilight! Real life doesn't work like it does in books Glimmy. This sort of thing can only improve a friendship, especially with Trixie's vast experience guiding you~

    At the very least, let me get those kinks out of your withers with a Great and Powerful massage. I've been told by more than one admirer that my hooves are a divine gift from Celestia herself.

    And if you start to feel comfortable I can show you what else they are capable of~

    I... I guess that would be alright. Just be gentle... I've never done anything like this before after all. 

    Don't you worry your pretty little heart Glimmy! When Trixie is through with you the ponies of your old town will be absolutely blinded by how radiant you look. 

    I can't say I haven't been thinking about it in that cold... lonely room of mine in the castle. The idea of my best friend helping me warm it up in there has kept me up a few times~

    Oh Starlight~  It's going to be an oven in my wagon when I finish with you... and Trixie would gladly store some of that heat for your abode when we return.

    The Sensual and Steamy Trixie is going to have soo much fun with you Gliiimmy. I hope you are ready for her~

    I'll just store these off to the side for now, we wouldn't want them getting... messy with all of the fun we are about to have~ 


    Oh god what am I even doing. That's enough of that.


    Notice how Trixie is the only pony not blown away by the explosive barrier thingy? Clear supremacy. 

    On another note. It's really impressive how well this changeling in particular donned the Pinkie Pie personality. The others were pretty obviously not themselves, but if Pinkling here didn't get caught not knowing who Starlight was, I doubt anyone would have noticed that something was off about her.

    These two and Twilight though, total fail-lings. Not even scrunchy face can help their bad acting.

    That being said, the Dashie's tail whip was pretty top tier. 

    Lets talk about backgrounds for a moment, cause I feel like they don't get nearly enough appreciation for how much they have improved over the seasons. They absolutely nailed the parralax/3D effect, especially in the short transition scene above. Everything just looks so ridiculously good, from the way the light reflects off the treecastle to the sloping hills and plains. It's really beautiful.

    Aaand that's about all we get for a Trixie break, back to that.

    Obligatory peanut butter crackers. I got a kick out of it~

    I actually took like 20 screencaps of this scene but realized it would be near impossible to caption all of it, so we are just going to go ahead and axe those. The entire section is incredible though. I can't say enough how well they nailed the writing and how great Trixie's Voice Actress did at delivering them. If Kathleen Barr ever hits a convention, I'm getting me an autograph!

    And tired Trixie is adorable.

    Even her ugly faces are wonderful.


    Evil Fluttershy has always been a secret love of mine ever since her introduction in Discords premiere. I still have my old YOUR FACE shirt somewhere even if they shipped it to me way too small to actually wear.

    Postin Changeling magic. Back in the old Followup days, we'd point out all the spells and stuff. I kinda miss just doing that instead of these marathon 50 image nightmares the bar was raised to these past few seasons. You guys are a tough crowd to please. 

    Though there is one thing that almost always guarantees upvotes, views, clicks, comments, and more...


    She's still cute even if she's a total chicken~

    I'm really glad we got Thorax for the finale. There were a lot of potential characters for Glimmy's dream team, and they really nailed it on who provides the best foursome dynamic.

    Trixie's response is kinda telling though. Changelings might have a few societal barriers to get through before they are completely welcome into pony society, reformed and pretty colored or not.

    I think this is the first time we have seen discord legitamtely pissed off, and it makes me really hope we get to see him unleash some fury in the future or something. I'm guessing Guardians of Harmony would have, or still could deliver that. Fingers crossed! 

    Though, jokey Discord messing with my two favorite ponies is cool too.

    And that is a wrap for part one! I want to note how much more exciting it was when the finale was split into two days for the UK release. I kinda wish they would do that over here in the states, as it made the entire day loads of fun discussing it in skype and comments. It's a shame that a lot of people weren't in on it. Hopefully we can try it again with a major HD release so we can legit blabber about it as we wait for part 2 without worrying about spoiling it for those opting to wait.

    Expect the second portion of the followup, with much less Trixie, tomorrow! I apologize. I can't help myself~

    *There was no check to DHX please don't send me angry emails.