• MLP Movie - Emily Blunt Hints at Her Character Role

    A very small blurb buried in an interview about Emily Blunt's upcoming movies and roles noted a bit about the My Little Pony movie. While it's a small plug, it's a pretty big reveal regardless. I don't know if everyone who wants to avoid movie spoilers has shifted their tag on yet, so get it down below!

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    Blurb from Popsugar:

    PS: What other movies of yours are you excited to show your kids?
    EB: The animated ones; I did Animal Crackers with John [Krasinski], which was so fun and cute. And I did My Little Pony, though I'm a nasty pony in that, which was kinda fun. I'm excited about Mary Poppins. I think Salmon Fishing in the Yemen's a really good movie. I think some of these movies where I'm making out with other guys, they're gonna be like "Ewww!"

    Turns out she's playing a nasty villain pony. Hype time? Cause I am.  We don't get a lot of actual pony villains. Usually other races play that role.

    Thanks to Jason for the heads up!