• Merchant Product Images Reveal Upcoming Pony Brushable Ideas and Sets

    A bunch of new brushable playsets and figures have started making the rounds.

    We have zero confirmation if these are actually going to be the lineups going forward or what will change, as they are apparently from early merchant releases to big stores to give them a heads up on what possible lines to buy for the coming year.  They are pretty clearly marked NOT FINAL, though we do already have a few of the final ones in the Brushable section. Get the full set at our new model brushable section.  Only Lyra and Cheerilee haven't popped upt here yet.

    Below the break we have a bunch of sets, some already revealed thanks to Taobao, and others not.

    2017 brushable product images lyra pinkie rarity twilight fluttershy rainbow cheerilee applejack

    Twisty hair ponies with waxed infused yarn apparently.

    Hairstyles for gala twisty yarn ponies applejack pinkkie rarity mlp

    Ponies with cases. A common trend these past few years with new models.

    Carrying case new mlp 2017 brushables

    Full sets. We already have a few of these

    Celestia and Fluttershy

    Carrying case new mlp 2017 brushables playsets

    Chariot sets?
    Chariot brushables 2017 mlp

    Gala Dresses

    Gala dresses 2017 mlp

    Thanks to Ryan, Anon, BM, and everyone else for sending!