• Bonus Music #10


    Octavia relaxin~

    It's another bonus music! We have 10 songs below that didn't quite hit spotlight. Go get em!

    [1] Source

    Ghost from October by Rusty Thorsell
    Vocal - Indie Experimental

    [2] Source

    ertrii - What is Friendship by ertrii
    Instrumental - Chillout

    [3] Source

    Dynamite Grizzly - Time Trial by Dynamite Grizzly
    Instrumental - Breakbeat/Drum & Bass

    [4] Source

    Filly in the Box - Harmonic Chaos by FillyInTheBox
    Instrumental/Vocal Chops - Neurofunk

    [5] Source

    The Cosine Pitchshifterz | Blur by Cosine Pitchshifterz Official
    Instrumental - Hardstyle

    [6] Source

    Totalspark - Oblivion by OfficialTotalspark
    Instrumental - Post Rock Electronic

    [7] Source

    Sparkle Chord Sings Episode 10: Swing! Tavi, Swing! by Sparkle Chord
    Vocal - Swing

    [8] Source

    Remix - Avast Fluttershy's Ass (Fluttershy's Battle Theme) by Lulu Luvscats
    Instrumental - Electronic

    [9] Source

    Spike I'm Cheering for You - Luck Rock by Luck Rock
    Vocal - Rock

    [10] Source

    Midnight In Me (Cover) by Sky Paw 122
    Vocal - Pop