• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 26

    I asked you guys for the unexpected and this indeed is pretty unexpected! I hope Maud is a good provider and will take care of all those adorable little pebbles Boulder will have.

    Evening guys and welcome to day 26! Our days together are drawing ever shorter and I'm sure you're exhausted, but we're almost there! You guys have been pretty consistent with submissions so far so I'm hoping we can keep above 100 submissions a day (after I add in later submissions when I wake up) as we tackle the last few prompts of this ATG! Today you guys brought in a lovely batch of 106 ponies bringing the total up to 5037 ponies, breaking the 5000 pony barrier! Woot!

    Now I'm sure you'll want to get right down to brass tacks so today's prompt involves drawing a pony in command/drawing a pony filled with confidence. With all the ponies you guys have been drawing I'm hoping you've been taking command of your new found skills so let's show some ponies taking charge! As usual, find our submitter for today here.

    Onto the gallery!

    Twitter: Calpain