• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 25

    Even reading the title for tonight's header I have no real idea what is going on. Math was never my strong suit but I do admire what you can do with it. And speaking of admire, I'm in admiration of you guys for sticking to the ATG right up to the end! We're less than a week away from the end and just a few days away from the 'closing ceremony' style prompts. It's been a lot of fun to share this journey with you guys for this ATG and proud to see your progress and enthusiasm!

    With that enthusiasm we've tallied up another 103 ponies bringing us up to 4931 ponies! Ooo, we are so close to 5000 I can almost taste it. Are you guys ready to break it tonight with today's prompt? As we start to wind down this year's ATG I've got another one you can take as simply or as complicated as you want: draw a surprised pony/draw a pony facing the unexpected. Find your submitter here.

    !!Very Important Notice!!

    I was informed a couple nights ago of a special opportunity that any of you in the ATG can participate in but it's for this prompt only so listen up. The Create A Card Contest by Enterplay has shown interest in the ATG and has chosen this prompt as an opportunity for you guys to create something new, regardless of your level of skill, and submit it to Enterplay for the chance of it being turned into a card!

    Pretty neat huh? If you want to participate check on after the break for details along with our gallery! If the event isn't your thing, feel free to treat this as any other prompt and just have fun!

    Draw, paint, or digitally create an image for a My Little Pony trading card, then send it to Enterplay by September 12th for your chance to win!

    Entry Form, Rules, and FAQ are at http://www.enter-play.com/createacard

    Winning artwork will be featured as trading cards in the upcoming My Little Pony Series 4 Trading Card Fun Packs, with your name credited as the artist! Winners will also receive 10 copies of their card to give to friends and family, plus a 24-pack box of Series 4 Fun Packs.

    Art will be judged on a variety of factors beyond just artistic talent, including creativity and originality - you could still win even if you aren't the most gifted artist in Equestria, so why not take a chance and have fun drawing in the process?

    Each entry should be a new original piece, same as the rules of the ATG.

    As we receive entries we will update our online Contest Gallery with some of our choices, so keep checking in regularly!

    Note: trading cards will be 2.5" x 3.5", horizontal or vertical, at 400 dpi - keep that in mind for digital entries. If you submit digitally and your file is over 20MB, please upload it to a private online drive (Google drive, Dropbox, etc.) and send us a link to download the file along with your entry form.

    Twitter: Calpain