• Alicorn Princess Blast Team Releases New Update

    We haven't heard from the Alicorn Princess Blast game project by The Gaming Colts for quite a long time, but apparently things are moving along with the team and they have an update to share with you guys, including that the game has reached alpha.

    Check on after the break for the full breakdown!

    Hello Everyone. It has been quite a while since our last update on a large site like Equestria Daily-most of our updates happen over twitter or on our podcast “Blast Cast”. A lot has happened since that last update however and I’d like to let you all into a few specific things that have changed about Alicorn Princess Blast since then. Let’s catch everyone up on what Alicorn Princess Blast is really quick just so that we don’t have any confusion.

    Over 2 years ago we released a prototype of the game along with this trailer:

    After that we began full development of the game and have been travelling from convention to convention showing it off and getting feedback. We’ve been keeping those interested up to date as best we can but with many developers focused on the game. In the spirit of maintaining transparency and honesty, we’ll explain what has been going on behind the scenes.Alicorn Princess Blast is a volunteer project formed by a group of friends. It hadn't gained any serious traction until after the first few conventions prompting us to form our company. People have been increasingly interested over the years which prompted us to begin more serious development on the game. There have been frequent setbacks due to people leaving and joining, meaning that a lot of the elements of the game have shifted and changed over time. Something else that has happened over the last two years is that those on the team have both gained and lost jobs which they rely on as a means of maintaining their own lives. As a result of this the project pace has slowed to more of a light jog down from rigorous sprinting. We have found that it can sometimes be difficult to focus all of our creative efforts on fine tuning and finishing the game when the urgent matters of a teammate require their immediate attention.

    The lack of consistent updates on all fronts is one of the areas affected by this constant shifting. The majority of the developers have their efforts and spare time focused on finishing all of the features of the game. There have been very few moments where we have the time to update our audience on the progress we've made much to our own disappointment. We apologize for this and are making an effort to create a way to keep you all up to date on what's happening with our project. The plan will be simple. We're going to commit to giving you all monthly updates through our current channels so that you all remain informed on the development of the game. We’re going to kick this off with a big update on what’s happened ever since that trailer got released two years ago.

    Firstly, the game has reached alpha and has been in that state for a little bit. We’ve been going from convention to convention- our most recent outing being at BronyCan, over the last year or so. We’d like to thank everyone who gave us feedback. While not complete quite yet, we’ve begun crucial testing to refine the experience to make sure that it fits comfortably for everyone. We believe that if we get the experience just right in the first level then it will be much easier for us to develop the game. We’ve also been discussing setting up a system that would include pushing out weekly or nightly builds to the public. It’s at this time where we’re really going to need help from the general public to help make this game amazing! If you’d like to help us out with the playtest, sign up for our mailing list by going to www.alicornprincessblast.com.