• Story Updates - August 5th

    Story Update time! Get the ponies doing all sorts of cool things below!

    Story: To Serve In Hell (Update Part 5!)

    [Alternate Universe][Dark]

    Author: CoffeeMinion
    Starlight Glimmer's attempts to stop the Rainboom pulled Twilight Sparkle into many possible timestreams. In one of them, Rarity not only survived Nightmare Moon's victory over the forces of light; she even managed to work her way into a position of relative prominence and comfort in Nightmare Moon's service.
    But Rarity's generous heart has grown sick from what she has done and seen to secure that position, and she may yet find the courage to rise up against the wicked mistress of the night...
    To Serve In Hell (Update Part 5!)

    Story: Expedition (Update Part 24!)


    Author: Raugos

    Description: For centuries, countless griffons have braved the depths of the Abysmal Abyss in the hopes of recovering the Idol of Boreas, never to return. But now stories have surfaced that someone came close to bringing back the legendary artefact, and one group of explorers is willing to try again where others have failed, for a chance at restoring Griffonstone’s lost glory once and for all. Unfortunately, success may hinge on them first getting into that friendship thing that dumb ponies seem to love so much.

    Expedition (New Part 24!)

    Story: The Necromantic Adventures of Lyra Heartstrings (Update Sequel 7!)

    [Adventure][Dark][Comedy] Quote: "RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!" - Pre-Reader Noble Cause

    Author: SaintAbsol

    Necromancy gets a bad rep.

    Oh, sure, some ponies like the whole cliche of the evil zombie master, pulling his puppet strings to make corpses dance and kill for their amusement. And yeah, you kinda do have to work with dead bodies a lot, and most ponies find that a bit creepy. Oh, and you learn a lot of spells to kill things and gain power from it.

    But, come on, that doesn't mean all necromancers are bad... right?

    The Necromantic Adventures of Lyra Heartstrings

    Story: The Education of Clover the Clever (New Part 15!)


    Author: Daedelean
    Description: Clover Cordelia is a freshmare student at the Cambridle Academy of Magic who is determined to become a great sorceress.
    Star Swirl the Bearded is a legendary wizard who is in need of an apprentice.

    Clover will soon discover that having great magical power might not actually make you easier to be around, and tends to attract unusual difficulties...

    It's nothing Star Swirl can't take care of, provided he and Clover manage to resist killing each other first.
    The Education of Clover the Clever (New Part 15!)