• Ponycon Releasing Convention Comic Leading Up To Convention

    Some weeks ago we were happy to announce the return of Ponycon for 2017 and in the lead up to the big event in late January they have started a comic drawn by Acesential and written and edited by the Ponycon team and Crowne Prince and directed by JadedJynx.

    They have quite a few pages with updates coming every Friday which you can see in our comic posts! Interested? Well check on after the break for the full press release and a link to the comic thus far!

    A few weeks ago Ponycon started publishing a weekly comic strip where you can follow the adventures of Bowtie! Follow her as she leaves the New York City area and starts exploring what her true talents might be.
    Be sure to follow us every Friday for each new page!

    Read the whole series at http://ponycon.us/comic

    Art and color by Acesential, Written by the Ponycon Team, Direction by JadedJynx, and editing by Crowne Prince.

    About Ponycon
    Ponycon is the Northeast’s My Little Pony fan convention. Now in it’s fifth year, Ponycon’s mission is to celebrate the creativity and friendship that My Little Pony brings to the world.

    Ponycon will be held on January 27-29, 2017 at Ocean Place Hotel in Long Branch, New Jersey.

    Tickets available now at http://ponycon.us

    Twitter: Calpain