• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 5

    I swear every time we hold the ATG that it gets harder and harder to decide which pic should get the header image. I ended up with this one above because of not only the effort put into it, but the backstory as well providing reasoning to how ponies would fence in Equestria. It's a good read, so check it out by clicking the pic above!

    Whether it's watching veterans join in on the fun or seeing improvement in the new artists out there, you all have done so well so far and I'm blown away by your creativity! I'm certain Phoe would be so proud of all you for your effort! For last night's prompt we saw submissions total 264 ponies fencing in all sort of scenarios bringing our grand total to 1322 ponies.

    While our last prompt might have been a bit too restricting, tonight's should be a bit looser as we dive into other realms of drawing: clothing and expressing emotions! That's right tonight I would like you to draw a pony in apparel / draw a pony in peril! Some of you have already shown an aptitude for drawing expressions and clothing on your ponies but practice always makes perfect and I think tonight's prompt will be a great way to help you budding artists expand your emotional range and give your creations some neat clothing as well!

    Are you ready? Well here we go! You can find the submitter for Day 5 here. Have at it my friends and check out our gallery after the break!

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