• 3D Pony Compilation #29

    Suddenly we got a flood of 3D Art. Since these images tend to be a lot bigger than usual, we've split it into two posts to avoid blowing anyone's browsers or internet connections up. Mine was already freaking out just compiling the two together.

    Below the break, get the first half!

    [1] Source

    Commanding Her Army by MercFox438

    [2] Source

    Flutterpone by EssMan009

    [3] Source

    A Dash of Awesome by JohnFlaherty

    [4] Source

    Corruption .:SFM:. by spyrophantom

    [5] Source

    Revenge of the Moon .:SFM:. by spyrophantom

    [6] Source

    Amazing Chest Ahead by d0ntst0pme

    [7] Source

    Flutter Wunder by AdamIrvine

    [8] Source

    Lyra Magic by NovaPone

    [9] Source

    The Rainbow at Night by Hexedecimal

    [10] Source

    AwesomeDash by StormyScratch

    [11] Source

    Summer Evening Style by Minutexium

    [12] Source

    Sleep tight by LDinos

    [13] Source

    Fabulous Darling by VBASTV

    [14] Source

    The Mane Cast by yaasho

    [15] Source

    War plans by Tonkano

    [16] Source

    Pinkie's Party by Xppp1N

    [17] Source

    [SFM Ponies]: Rares by CottonPonySFM

    [18] Source

    Creativity by Tonkano

    [19] Source

    [SFM] Forbidden Knowledge by Rockset

    [20] Source

    A happy picture by SourceRabbit

    [21] Source

    Fluttershy's popsicle by Starstrike42896

    [22] Source

    [4K |SFM Ponies] Academic Manifesto by DazzioN

    [23] Source

    Official Wonderbolts Action Figures by Xppp1N

    [24] Source

    Twilight Sparkle by WIIZZIE

    [25] Source

    Cider at Sunset by indexpony

    [26] Source

    [SFM] Sweet Spell by MarnyFilozof

    [27] Source

    Sleep up call by SourceRabbit

    [28] Source

    Rarara by Xppp1N

    [29] Source

    Twilight's Arcane magic by yellencandy