• PonyKart Inspired Pony Kart Racer In Development

    Years ago at the peak of the game development side of the fandom, a project called PonyKart was being worked on by an army of enthusiastic creators. Unfortunately, it never saw completion. The team shut down on the 19th of November in 2013.

    The new one revolves around Derpy, titled "Derpy's Gr8 Krat Rase". It's still pretty early on, and the trailer loves pointing out all the derpyness of it's current, seemingly broken build. There is potential here though! Go find that below!

    Derpy's Gr8 Krat Rase

    Derpy's Gr8 Krat Rase is a satire kart racing game inspired by the Ponykart project from a few years back that never came to be. It will play similarly to Mario Kart and will feature a single player mode, a story mode and multiplayer races as well as minigames such as bowling, soccer and battle, offered through split screen multiplayer.

    As this is a huge project and because there is still so much to do, I have no estimate as for when the game will be finished, but rest assured that I will see this through to completion and will try to post weekly updates here! In the meantime, here's an early teaser of the game! Please keep in mind that this is a very early version of the game and will not reflect the quality of the final product. In fact, you may already be able to see differences from the teaser and the screenshots above.