• Artist Spotlight: ZiG-WORD / Kallarmo / SolarSourced

    Thought this feature was completely dead huh? I did too, but after feeling bad for not getting one up for so long I've decided to try and revive it again. We'll see how long that motivation lasts.

    Anyhow, I've got a few artists I've picked out that I think you guys will enjoy! Find some examples of their work after the break.

    I am currently not accepting anymore artists for the spotlight as I still have 130 emails to go through. I'm going to start from the beginning (emails from 2013) and try my best to clear all these guys out. If you sent in an artist before, thank you so much for your patience! I never expected this feature to take off like it did so I'm a bit overwhelmed.

    Check out our spreadsheet here to see who has been featured!


    Let's start of this edition of the spotlight with something a bit epic shall we? We've had our number of epic pony artists ranging from PonyKillerX, NCMares, UC77, and many others I can't remember off the top of my head and I think we can now include ZiG-WORD in this list. Much like NCMares, who can go from epic to cute drawings in the blink of an eye, ZiG is a master of creating not only the darkest epic pics but the more carefree and beautiful ones as well (example, the Luna for our header). Check out some of their work below and see what I mean!

    ZiG-WORD's Gallery


    Our next artist today really caught my eye with a Rainbow Dash you'll see below. Something about it just stuck out to me, whether it be the expression of pure joy on her face, the wonderful backdrop or those big fuzzy wings. Regardless, it got me curious to check out the rest of their gallery and I wasn't disappointed! Kallarmo has an impressive gallery of ponies in all sorts of situations and styles. From simple portrait shots to elaborate scenes like RD up there, they have something for just about everyone.

    Kallarmo's Gallery


    SolarSourced is our next and last digital artist on our tour through the pony art world today! What caught my eye the most with Solar was their ability to make crisp standout images that look like they came from a comic to a more subdued, painted picture in appearance; using these contrasts to add emotion to the pictures just by the style. Check out some of their work down below!

    SolarSourced's Gallery

    Twitter: Calpain