• Would You Want a Real Mare / Mare Pony Pairing?

    An interesting series of tweets was released by Jeremy Whitley over on Twitter yesterday, talking about a panel here at BABScon where the writers discussed random things with the audience. Particularly a bit about LGBT representation in kids programming and Rainbow Dash coupling up with Flutterbutt in canon.

    More below!

    Big Jim hopped in to note that a decision like that is way above what he'd be able to do, and with pony in particular, I doubt we'd see any kind of mane 6 legit relationshipping going on.  Hasbro seems open to the idea of at least pairing up background ponies with "Heavy Friendship", even going so far as to post Lyra and Bonbon as part of their Valentines Day duos. This has yet to actually go to a full on, in show admission though.

    It does bring up an interesting question. Would you be open to a mare / mare or any kind of different pairing in Friendship is Magic? How far would you go if you are? Should they stop at background ponies, or bust out a Flutterdash season 7 celebration to really shake the media?

    Thanks to Ksardes for the heads up!