• Music of the Day #651

    Moonbutt arrives and brings with her a bunch of music. Hopefully you can handle this madness.

    Go get the usual pile below!

    [1] Source

    Dynamite Grizzly - Forever Crusading [Visuals by InklingBear] by Dynamite Grizzly

    Vocal - House

    [2] Source

    【Deep House】Kawaii Dash - Lovestruck by XAVI

    Instreumental - Deep House

    [3] Source

    AnimatronicPony - Equestrian Overload by AnimatronicPony

    Instrumental - Techno

    [4] Source

    "Battle of the Bands" Male Cover - Rainbow Rocks! by The Blunderbolts!

    Vocal - Cover

    [5] Source

    Just a bit shy by TheTaZe

    Instrumental - electronic

    [6] Source

    FruityFusion - HORSE AESTHETICS by FruityFusion

    Instrumental - Synthwave

    [7] Source

    Striped Mare (Fallout: Equestria) - SkyBolt - (Original Song) by SkyBolt

    Vocal - Big Band

    [8] Source

    Progressive Element - Depth of the Everfree Forest (Official DJRedSkY Remix) | Deep House by Official DJRedSkY

    Instrumental - House

    [9] Source

    Liquid Harmony-Scratches & Strings by Liquid Harmony

    Instrumental - Lounge

    [10] Source

    Vocal - Classic Rock / Experimental