• Pony History of the Day - SFS Animations: Snow Drop and More!

    March 21 was Snowdrop's 3rd anniversary so I thought no better way to celebrate Spring and that milestone than to make it our topic for today's Pony History segment!

    When the fandom was still fairly young, animations and large productions were not really heard of but began coming into their own in 2013 with one such project being Snowdrop from SFS Animations. While the SFS team had made pony animations before, Snowdrop was their first major feature at 14 minutes long! It quickly gained popularity and now sits at around 13 million views, one of the highest for a pony video.

    So check on after the break as we celebrate the 3rd year of Snowdrop and discover it for yourself if you haven't seen it before along with a number of other SFS Animation productions!

    Twitter: Calpain