• New CCG Cards Reveal "Cutie Marking" plus Filly Rara & Derpy

    MLP: CCG fan Destiny Draw solved the secret code that was being slowly revealed on Enterplay's Facebook and Twitter, and the reward is the early release of information about two gameplay mechanics debuting in "Marks in Time," the new CCG set coming out in May.

    The first of these reveals came today: it's Cutie Marking, which you can see above on cute little Rara and Derpy! They came along with this description:

    "If a card can be Cutie Marked, you may pay 2 action tokens to do so, which also puts a +1 power counter on the card. As you can see on our two example cards here, getting a Cutie Mark can give a Friend a one-time effect or have further long-term impact on the game... and sometimes cards have both! Some of these abilities include stuff like gaining keywords, interacting with your opponent's cards, or even fiddling with Troublemakers and cards in hand."

    There are more than 20 cards in Marks in Time related to Cutie Marking, so we'll definitely have more to look at as we get closer to release weekend.