• Meetups To Go To For the Season 6 Opener!

    The season 6 premiere is happening in just under a week, and boatloads of meetup groups have events planned to view it. About a week ago, we asked you all to send whatever events you had planned, and this will be the post for those.

    You can still submit yours if you missed the shoutout, and they will be added to the list. If you know of one, get permission and fire it off.

    For submission infos, hit up this post.

    And get your meetups below!

    Since almost no one followed the template, I'm just going to dump these and bold the locations. You can find all relevant information within.

    NOTE: None of these have been vetted. Use your own discretion if you plan to attend one. Call beforehand, and make sure it's something you feel comfortable with. EQD is not responsible for bad experiences.

    Portland, Oregon

    Time: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM with a reshowing of the new episode at 11:00 AM (we can stay as late as 9:00 PM if we all want)
    Rules: With the exception of water, there are no food or drinks allowed in the theater! Please leave any food or drink that's not water on the tables just outside the theater. No homemade food is allowed due to liability. Alternatively, you may stand just outside the theater doors and eat as long as you're not inside the theater.
    Description: We're in Building 3, Room 114. Look for signs labeled "Forum/Theater" You can find more information at this link: http://meetu.ps/e/Bn3TH/pgXfP/d

    Doors open at 8:00 am and the show will start as soon as everything's set up. We will be re-showing the premiere at 11:00 am for those who could not make it early in the morning.

    In between screenings, we can watch whatever else we want to, whether its other episodes, fan-made works, or movies; the choice is up to us!

    PARKING IS FREE ON SATURDAYS!!! Directions: Follow the campus road all the way back to the second stop sign and turn right. Follow the signs for "Forum" and park in any space that doesn't have a line in front of it or is labeled "Staff Parking". Building 3 is straight back into the campus and the Forum is on your left.

    For those of you who are bus-bound, you're looking to take either 47, 52, or 67. Walk to building 9 and then turn right and walk all the way back to the back of the campus. The path will curve to the left a bit - follow that curve and you will see building 3 on your right (and building 7 on the left). Enter the doors in building 3 on the first floor. There should be a sign that says "Forum/Theater" above the door and an outdoor staircase on the right hand side.

    You may bring food, but it cannot be homemade (for liability reasons - their rules; not mine) thus it has to be bought from a store or a restaurant and it will have to stay on the tables outside the theater. I advise that you label it and/or watch over it so that it doesn't get cleaned up by accident.

    I look forward to seeing you all there! It's going to be a lot of fun!

    Warren, Michigan

    Meetup Name: MBP C3 Chapter Shamrock Shindig Se6 Premiere Party!

    Time: 10am - 5pm

    Rules: Wear green, bring topical snacks/drinks, and get ready for some fun. Limited Space Available.

    Description: A mini-meetup for the members of the Michigan Bronies & Pegasisters C3 Chapter celebrating St. Patrick's Day and the premiere of MLP:FiM's sixth season. We will be watching the season six premiere, some possible fan animations, and just enjoying each others company.

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Meetup Name: Philly Bronies Season Six Premiere Party!
    Time: 12:00 pm, April 2nd
    Rules: No alcohol, illegal drugs, rude comments about other group members, etc.
    Description: The Philly Bronies will be gathering to celebrate the season premiere. There will be a raffle, games, a viewing of the episode, pizza, and much more!

    To receive the location of the meet, join our group on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PhillyBrony/

    Durham, Maine

    Meetup Name: Maine Bronies
    Time: 10am EST
    Rules: Bring some snacks/drinks to share. Contact me at [email protected] to RSVP and get house address.
    Description: Maine Bronies gathering to watch the season premiere. Afterwards, we'll play with C.A.E. or T.S.S.S.F., maybe both.

    Adelaide, South Australia

    Time: 2:30pm, Sunday 27 March
    Meetup Name: South Australian Bronies Season 6 Premiere Screening
    Rules: $10 for venue hire. Venue is the Gilbert Street Hotel (88 Gilbert Street, Adelaide), upstairs in the Grande Room.

    Description: The Bronies of South Australia are putting on a season 6 premiere screening. A birthday event will also be held for one of our members, and we’re going to have some cake and treats before the screening.

    Arrive at 2:30pm for a birthday ceremony including cake cutting then start Season 6 screening at 3:00pm.

    Harrisburg, North Carolina

    My Little TBNC (Team Brony North Carolina) Season 6 Premier
    Starts at 10am, be there by 11am


    1) Keep it family friendly for the most part due to the presence of younglings.

    2) When the premier is on, limit talking except for commercials; kind of hard to catch the important bits if everyone's yapping over one another.

    3) The host (Jacob K) will have to leave for work in the afternoon, so everyone clear out 2 hours beforehand.

    Description: Season 6 is unexpectedly around the corner, though that shouldn't stop us from preparing for its glory. As tradition, prepare yourselves for fun, ponies, dank memes, and a follow-up get together at Concord Mills.

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    CR Bronies Meetup #43 Season 6 Beginning!

    Rules: We usually draw in young adults but that does not mean that is an invitation to act in a less mature matter. We enjoy having fun but usually try to keep the conversations and actions PG-13 at best. Just be respectful of others.

    A NOT SO regular meetup at the usual place. Should be starting to warm up a bit by the end of March so we will be using our main meetup place, Warehouse 13. Just in case, you are welcome to bring a plugin heater. Bring food, drink and other fun stuff to do. We will be setting up a projector to watch the new season on. Hope to see you all there. Be sure to check out our Facebook for updates and directions. https://www.facebook.com/CrBronies/

    Commack, New York

    Meetup Name: Welcome Flurry Heart Brunch
    Time: 10 AM on Sunday, April 10th

    Description: Let us welcome the new foal of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor with a Season 6 Startup Brunch. Let us reminisce about the newest episodes from the newest season after the shortest hiatus ever. Lets discuss the newest episodes:

    1) The Crystalling Pt. 1
    2) The Crystalling Pt. 2
    3) TBA
    4) TBA

    With the concept of Exploring Equestria, we might even have a new location or two to create new lore about. So let's rejoice in the glory of a new princess and the start of more pony.http://meetu.ps/e/BnBVj/6D9fn/a

    Esslingen am Neckar/Baden-Württemberg/Germany

    Meetup Name: Big-Screen-Meetup at Lazi-Academy Esslingen
    Time: 26.02.2016, begins around 14:30 pm CET

    Rules: Entry fee 10€, everyone who is a Bronies e.V. member pays no entry fee. Food/drinks are provided, so you don't have to bring anything, however if you want to, we won't stop you.
    Anything alcoholic isn't allowed!
    If possible, bring some dishes (plate, cutlery, a glass) for yourself, the location just doesn't have enough for that amount of people.
    To make it easier for us to organize the meetups in the area from now on, we're using a different system for registrations now, including a registration form as well. May sound really serious, but it's really not, it just helps with the planning.
    All the information about this can be found here: click!
    (the link above is all german, but since this meetup is in germany, that should be no problem)

    If you wanna come and can't speak german, that won't be a problem, most of us speak english and we're watching the episodes in english as well. In that case, just write us a mail at either DodgeThunderstorm(at)yahoo(dot)com or RockingScorpion91(at)hotmail(dot)com and we will gladly answer any questions you have and give you an english version of the registration form as well.

    The deadline for any new registrations or pulled back registrations as well is the 24.03.2016 (Thursday). We also have a limit of 40 people at the meetup, so if you wanna come, don't waste any time.

    Two more rules: be on your best behaviour and of course have lotsa fun at the meetup, we'd be happy to see you there. :D

    What better way to start a new season than watching the new episodes on a big screen?
    For the start of season 6 we got a pretty sweet location this time where we have an actual theatre to watch the episodes, plus another room which is also equipped with a beamer, a sound system and all the fancy stuff.

    There will be card games, board games, video games such as My Little Karaoke and much more. Food is provided, and we also have a kitchen there, meaning we will have pizza later in the evening.
    So if you don't have anywhere to go yet for the start of the new season and are in the area of Baden-Württemberg/Germany (or willing to visit another country because of the occasion), join us here in Esslingen to meet a bunch of other fans, to watch the new episodes in style and of course, to have fun. :D


    Time: 7PM-Midnight Central Standard Time (5 Hours)
    Meetup Name: Dragon's Lair Comics and Games in AUSTIN, TX
    Rules and Description:

    (1) You may (and probably should) bring food and drinks if you like. There are some drinks and snack food available for purchase at Dragon's Lair as well.
    (2) We will definitely stay till midnight playing games and we never leave early, so you can arrive at any time you like. However, if you want to watch the premiere episodes, we will do so sometime between 7PM-8:30PM, so get there early!
    (3) Dragon's Lair Comics and Games is open from 10AM-MIDNIGHT, and the store is the second largest comics and gaming store IN THE NATION, so if you want to visit it earlier than the 7PM and see other events happening that day in the store, check the store calendar located here: http://dlair.net/austin/events/calender/
    (4) Dragon's Lair is located in a shopping center next to several eating places including local favorite burger place Hopdoddy's, Conan's Pizza, Thundercloud Subs, Whataburger and many others. You can check the locations here: bit.ly/1pTY4dD
    (5) Respect others and don't start arguments or act hostile towards any other people. The host and store staff will not tolerate disruptions.
    (6) The store has two cats who wander around on their own. You can pet them, but don't pick them up or bother them.
    (7) The party room is isolated from the rest of the store and big enough to hold about 20-25 party members comfortably. You won't have to worry about interacting with others in the store if you don't want to. (Last time we had 12-15 people for the Season 5 finale party.)
    (8) The store has a significantly large collection of MLP Comics and merchandise if you feel like adding to your own collection : )
    (9) After watching the two premiere episodes, we will do the following:

    --- Watch some short MLP fan videos

    --- Play Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder

    --- Potentially play a custom-made MLP RPG session that lasts 1.5-3 hour
    (10) Austin, TX traffic gets REALLY bad starting at around 4PM till around 7-8PM. Look up the directions on Google Maps and whatever time it says that you take to get to Dragon's Lair from your location. Expect any in-town location travel time to be tripled.
    (11) We look forward to seeing you there! : )

    Location info:
    2438 W. Anderson Ln
    Suite B-1
    Austin TX 78757
    (512) 454-2399

    Location website:

    Host name: Boardgamebrony

    Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

    Meetup Name: Leeds Season 6 Premiere Pub Meet
    Time: 1pm - 6pm BST
    Rules: Meet Up Guidelines
    Description: Join us over in Yorkshire's finest city at The George in their cellar function room. From 1pm - 6pm for drinks, the show and more! UKofE Thread

    Washington D.C. (Actual location in Arlington, VA)

    Meetup Name: D.C. Bronies (Season 6 Premiere Watch Party Live)
    Time: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
    Rules: Food and drinks welcomed, but please clean behind yourself. Also, do not exchange funds while in the library.
    Description: On March 26th, the ponies that have brought us together and changed our lives return once again as another great season is ready to begin. And what other way would you want to watch it than with a bunch of awesome bronies who have been waiting months for new, memorable moments! The best part? Its all gonna be live just like the 100th episode viewing!

    Meetup Link: http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-DC/events/229390124/


    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

    Meetup Name: Bronies Drinking Coffee Season 6 Premiere Party!
    Time: 10am - 6pm Mountain
    Rules: Don't be a jerk. No loud talking during the first Season 6 Premiere viewing. No outside food. Stop reminding us this is the same weekend as FanX, we aren't changing the date or times.
    Description: Bronies Drinking Coffee is hosting it's Season 6 Premiere Party at Kafeneio Coffeehouse in Salt Lake City this Saturday the 26th of March from 10am until 6pm. There will be video games in the east common area, and pony viewing all day in the West hall on the big projection screen. For those of you attending FanX that weekend, we will be running several screenings of the new episode throughout the day. For more information, visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/broniesdrinkingcoffee

    Bristol, England

    Meetup name: Severn Bronies Premiere Meet
    Time: 11:00 AM GMT
    Rules: http://severnbronies.co.uk/about/rules/
    Description: The new season is upon us a lot sooner than we thought, but that's okay! Join us in Bristol to watch the new season opener together, shop for merch, get some lunch and hang out! Full details available here - http://severnbronies.co.uk/meet/season-6-premiere-meet/

    Newcastle Upon Tyne (Central Station), England

    Meetup Name: #S6NCL: The North East’s Season 6 Premiere Party!
    Time: 11AM Pre-Meet or 2PM Starting Starting Time
    Rules: All rules and other FAQ can be found here : http://northeastbronies.co.uk/faq/ : Top and bottom is if you are under 13 bring an adult

    Come and join us for some pony related tomfoolery! There will be games, chit-chat and good company. Might even run a little competition (more info later!).

    The premier is scheduled to start at 3pm, and afterwards we will have some time to chill and chat about it. There may also be a quiz prepared by our legendary Harry, who has done us proud (if that’s the right word) at previous events – but it depends if he has time to put something together!

    After the episode people will be free to do as they please. There will no doubt be a party of people going to the pub, some people heading back to Geek Retreat and some going home. It’s up to you!

    More information can be found here (Including information about the Pre-Meet) : http://northeastbronies.co.uk/meets/s6ncl-the-north-easts-season-6-premiere-party/

    Albany, NY USA

    Meetup Name: Season 6 Premiere Watch Party!
    Time: 10:15 AM to 10:00 PM

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
    15th Street and Bouton Rd, Troy, NY

    Spring is almost upon us, and it will bring a bevy of colorful ponies. We'll be watching the premiere at RPI this time in Russell Sage Laboratory 3101

    (Bldg 6 on this map: http://imgur.com/kIpz05b)

    The premiere airs at 11 AM, but we'll have stuff to watch a bit earlier as usual.

    Afterwards, we'll have more pony watching, board games, video games, Cards Against Equinity, and we'll re-watch the premiere at some point. If you have any fun games you like to play, bring them along. There is plenty of table space for people to use at will.

    Snacks and soft drinks will be available, and if you can bring some to share it'd be appreciated.

    Parking is off of Sage Ave in North Lot (above buildings 8 and 9 on the map). When you turn in from the road, quickly turn right and go through the gate you see.

    York, PA United States

    Meetup Name: Bronies of Southern PA Season 6 Premiere Picnic Party Extravaganza
    Time: 3:30-9:30 PM.
    Rules: Read group rules
    Description: Come join the Bronies of Southern Pennsylvania at the York Township Park (33 Oak St, York, PA) for a fun day of outside frivolity, our annual egg hunt, and then watching the new episode on projector at night.
    Please bring food for the picnic and $2 if you are able to be entered in our raffle.
    More details at the group page here:

    Providence, RI

    Meetup Name: Season 6 Premiere Party @ Dave & Busters
    Time: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    Rules: $40 admission fee for food, drinks, and unlimited video gameplay!! Raffle prizes and tourney games TBD.
    Description: Please click on the link for more details on how to reserve your spot and celebrate season 6 with fans across New England: http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-Boston/events/228881929/

    Bogotá D.C - Colombia

    Meetup Name: Inicio Sexta Temporada My Little Pony.
    Time: Saturday 26th, 14:30 p.m
    Rules: Just be nice and friendly and bring some snacks.
    Description: Bronies Bogotá D.C will have its second meet up of the year, this time, we will watch the season 6 premiere of My Little Pony. The main objective is to have a nice time watching the beginning of the new season, we recommend to bring some food and drinks (non alcoholic drinks please) and a possitive attitude. All the info and details about the event will be given in the following link. Thanks for your attention. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1621071604777888/

    Greensboro, NC

    North Carolina Bronies - SEASON 6 PREMIERE!

    City/State/Country: - Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema (2134 Lawndale Dr, Greensboro, North Carolina 27408)

    Time: 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM

    Rules: The venue doesn't charge admission, but asks that anyone attending the screening in the theater purchase a beverage.

    Description: NCB will be meeting early for the episode to get situated and grab a good seat in the theater downstairs. After the showing we will grab some lunch as a group within a short walking distance to discuss the episode. We will probably play board games or card games after and possibly discuss seeing a movie. Please check out our Facebook (closed) group for more info on other meetups as well as the event page for this meetup at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/352933668083310/

    The event itself is listed at this address, although it probably can not be viewed until you join the group.

    We also have a pony paint class (Rarity) scheduled for April 2nd.http://on.fb.me/1PjIiSG