• Legends of Equestria Event at Midwest Bronyfest

    If you are hype for LoE, and plan to head to Midwest Bronyfest, expect a ton of stuff to do involving it! Head on down below for their press release!

          Midwest Bronyfest Gets Its MMO On With LoE & Its Team
                  Midwest Bronyfest Announces Legends of Equestria Team & open LAN 

    Midwest Bronyfest is thrilled to announce we are affiliating with Legends of Equestria, the number one (only?) pony MMO. If you've ever played you've probably heard tunes from our friends at PonyvilleFM pumping through Sugar Cane Corner. We are super excited to be bringing the LoE team, including Ellowee herself, to Midwest Bronyfest this year. The LoE team will not only be hosting panels and cosplaying but will also be hosting an open LAN that will allow you to play side by side with your friends, completing quests, going on adventures and generally having fun! You can have your cake and eat it too!

    We also have available a special LoE ticket among our most prestigious badge tiers that nets you all the goodies of our other 'mascot' level tickets including a special plushie of the LoE mascot, so aptly named, Ellowee.

    You can also save 10% on GA & 'mascot' tier tickets using code 'clockisticking' & 'Igottimeoff'

    Follow these links to stay up to date on all things MWBF 2016! See you all in May!