• Discussion: Evolution and the Influence of Magic

    The ponies we know and love are quite obviously very different from the equines we have in our world. Apart from the fact our pastel friends can fly and use magic they have a smaller, stockier frame and probably most importantly a larger cranium for increased brain mass and a shorter muzzle to cut back on the natural blindspot that horses have.

    But the evolution of creatures in the world of FiM, especially our ponies and other sentient species have another factor to include: magic. The utilization of magic has very apparent benefits, from pegasi being able to walk on clouds and fly with wings that appear to not quite fit with their bodies, to unicorns whose direct manipulation of magic allow for spectacular feats a pony couldn't do naturally.

    Considering these clear advantages, why does it seem that most sentient species in the world outside Equestria have not evolved to take advantage of the natural phenomenon of magic? Is magic something unique only to certain parts of the world of FiM such as in the land of the Changelings and in Equestria? If so, why would this be exactly? If magic is in fact uniform throughout the world of FiM why have we not seen Yak, Zebra, Griffon, ect magic casters?

    While some of these questions could be answered in future episodes of the show I want to know what you guys think with what we know about Equestria from the show and from books and comics outside the show.

    Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

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