• DEBATE: Is Trixie A Good Addition to My Little Pony?

    It's that time of the week once again! We are going to try to do debates every Saturday afternoon, so be prepared to argue about ponies!

    You all know I love me some Trixie. Unfortunately, not everyone else shares that sentiment. There are even some that say the show would be better off without her ever existing in the first place. BLASPHEMY I SAY. But also a good debate.

    So my minions, who below puts up the best argument for Trixie's place in the show? Will I, the Great and Powerful Sethisto, be able to convince you of her value unlike Vicodin who swears shes useless?

    Go get the debate below!


    Why Trixie is an Excellent Addiiton to My Little Pony

    Argued by: Sethisto 

    It's no secret that I am a big fan of the Great and Powerful one. Ever since she first graced us with her ridiculous speech patterns and over the top personality, Trixie has held a special place in my heart. Questioning her value to the show is something that has been going on since her very first appearance though. It seems some neighsayers in the pony audience don't understand why she's such a wonderful character!

    Trixie wasn't added to the show for you to love her. She was supposed to be a bratty, full of herself magician that plays the role of a challenge for Twilight Sparkle. A fellow magic focused pony was a new concept back when Boast Busters first aired. Her reason for being really was just a way of making our main unicorn look good.

    But Trixie exceeded expectations. Not only did she play her role well, but her silly mannerisms and "better than you" attitude cemented her as an interesting character with huge potential for future episodes. It's fun to watch a pony so full of herself fumble and reveal flaws. Giving her a tool that actually did gift her with the previously boasted great and powerful abilities,  but still keeping her the same, (slightly crazy) unicorn who really has no grasp on what actually being greater and powerfuller means, is the reason why Magic Duel was so entertaining.

    You don't need to like her, but there is no denying that she's a fun addition to My Little Pony.


    Why Trixie is NOT a good addition to My Little pony

    Argued by: ABagofVicodin
    The Great and Powerful Trixie is a character that immediately started off on the wrong foot because of the way that she was introduced. While admittedly the show was beginning with baby steps towards characterizing the ponies that we know and love today, Trixie's ego and show(mare?)ship put her in a position that made the Mane 6 look as unlikeable as they did in Mare Do Well.

    The idea behind Trixie is inherently interesting since her conception can be compared to future seasons with Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer. However, Trixie falls flat in her characterization because she has an ego... and that's it. While Magic Duel was an excellent episode that pushed Twilight's magic student narrative, what really did Trixie do for it? Nothing. The Alicorn Amulet did more for that episode than Trixie did. Slap that amulet on any other character and it would have provided the same purpose, which equates Trixie to Flash Sentry or Sunset Shimmer before Rainbow Rocks.

    To sum up this point, Trixie's existence in Boast Busters flawed the Mane 6 due to how it was written, and much like the fireworks she uses, once the distraction is gone, there really is nothing to her.


    Argued by: Sethisto 

    FIRST OFF. Trixie has hooves, not feet in Boast Busters. Clearly not enough research has gone into The GREATEST and most powerful pony in the show by one AbagofVicodin.

    The argument that "anypony" could be Trixie with the alicorn amulet is ridiculous.  It's magical effect is increasing corruption as it's user wearers power grows, based on whatever negative personality trait they already have. How that plays out would most likely be completely different for whatever pony wears it. A pony like Twilight might become a recluse, and (even more) obsessed with gaining and building knowledge, or Rarity might find a sudden need to re-design everything. In Trixie's case, and only in Trixie's case, It augmented her need for revenge on Ponyville, via pandering to her narcissistic love of herself. The town was decked out in statues, banners, and all things TRIXIE.

    She is a pony with a potentially complex past, who can be apologetic at one point and swap right back into Great and Powerful mode the next. Trixie has some baggage, and it would be fascinating to explore it.

    --Battle Response--

    Argued by: ABagofVicodin 

    I don't know why I'm still here. Nevertheless, I don't think the amulet is reliant upon any sort of negative personality. After looking it up, all I see is "corruption" as in "the pony will not want to take the amulet off." While I'm sure that Pegasi or Earth Ponies would have a hard time pulling the antics that Trixie did, Twilight would probably go down the same road as Trixie since she will want to keep the Amulet and her friends won't let her.

    I remember one of my therapists telling me a while ago that someone having baggage is "an explanation for their problems, but not an excuse". I still stand by this principle. If we aren't going to assume that Trixie's mood swings are her being bipolar, then I'd consider her to be two-faced. I'd be more hesitant to be friends with someone that has two "opposites" like that. I'd be interested to see her baggage, but I'm pretty sure it pales in comparison to an actual good character like Diamond Tiara.

    --Closing Statement FOR Trixie--

    Argued by: Sethisto 

    The argument isn't whether you would be friends with Trixie or not, it's If she is a good character. It would take a special kind of person to be friends with Trixie. To deal with her almost overwhelming level of narcissism would be a chore in itself. She does seem to have a sweet side buried in there, but it would take a lot of work to crack her shell. For a select type of pony fan (me), she is a fun little "tsundere" pony we can work with, and probably why we like her.

    Again though, this is not the point. Is Trixie a good addition to My Little Pony? Would the show be better or worst without her? I'd argue that she is still a ton of fun, had one of the best episodes out there in Magic Duel, and provides an excellent contrast to Twilight Sparkle; helping build her character twice. She played an important role, and for that we are better off with her. That is why I'm sticking to motion that The Great and  Powerful Trixie is an EXCELLENT addition to My Little Pony!

     --Closing Statement AGAINST Trixie--

    Argued by: ABagofVicodin 

    I'd give Trixie credit that she was an okay antagonist for the two episodes that she took part in. But if I want a showboat character who thinks very highly of herself and falls apart when she begins to doubt herself, I'd go with Rainbow Dash. Not only that, but if we were to look at episodes by pure quality, then why isn't DIAMOND TIARA the villain that we are debating?

    Diamond Tiara is an adorable spoiled rich filly and while she only took up half of Crusaders of the Lost Mark, her role was way better than Trixie's because after all this buildup for the CMC's arc, she was one of the few characters that could help bring the CMCs get their flank tattoos because of their relationship. She has a tiara which shows status while Trixie has a cape and The Incredibles has taught us the one true fact of life: No capes. I rest my case. Diamond Tiara is best pony. I'm out of here.


    And there you have it! What do YOU think about Trixie's role in the show? Did either of us convince you of her worthiness? Do you feel the Trixie burn?

    Hit them comments up! And give us suggestions on what you want to see debated in the future.