• Ponycon NYC Announces Ingrid Nilson and Cathy Weseluck

    Ponycon NYC is just about 60 days away and they are pulling out all the stops when it comes to VIP guests! They are happy to welcome the return of both Cathy Weseluck and Ingrid Nilson to the Big Apple next year. With guests like Bonnie and Lauren already on the books, it's looking like Ponycon NYC 2016 will be their biggest ever!

    Check on after the break for the full presser.

    Ponycon is happy to announce two lovely guests tonight--- Both CATHY WESELUCK and INGRID NILSON are returning for a second time to the Northeast's premier My Little Pony fans convention, being held February 13-15th at The Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn New York.

    Everypony knows and delights in Cathy Weseluck's voice work as Twilight Sparkle's faithful assistant Spike, the adorable Coco Pommel and Ponyville’s incumbent Mayor Mare in MLP:FiM,but Cathy is also known for voicing the sweet, pretty and cute rabbit Butter Cream Sundae in Littlest Pet Shop as well as many, many more! The older generations pony fans will be interested to know that she was the Singing Director for My Little Pony Tales, as well as the voice of Rarity the baby unicorn in two G3 MLP specials. In addition to her continued success as a voice-over performer, Cathy’s notable achievements also include her work as a TV actor, instructor, casting director, associate producer, writer, composer and photographer. www.cathyweseluck.com

    Ingrid was skeptical 10 years ago when a mystic told her that her life's work would be all about her voice. Since then, she's been heard as Raspberry Torte in 4 seasons of Strawberry Shortcake, as Maud, Limestone and Marble Pie in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic , as punk rocker 'Sloan' in an upcoming Barbie movie and more. In a career that has spanned over a decade and includes on-camera work, she has had the pleasure of appearing with some of Hollywood's gems. A classically trained singer, actor and dancer, Ingrid was raised on The Sound of Music and old school musicals. She lives in Vancouver, BC where you can find her teaching yoga + meditation, biking around town and promoting positive body image in schools with non-profit, Project True. Visit projecttrue.com
    Both actors will be taking part in panels, performances and activities throughout the 3 day Presidents' Day / Valentine's Day weekend, and will be signing autographs. Vouchers for photo and autograph opportunities will be available for purchase at the convention. http://ponycon.nyc/register
    Ingrid and Cathy will also be in attendance at Ponycon's chic Saturday night VIP Party, and at our elegant Sunday evening Celebrity Banquet where attendees will enjoy a 3 course dining experience with keynote speakers Lauren Faust and Bonnie Zacherle, and ALL our Equestrian guests of honor! http://ponycon.nyc/guests.
    Our incredible lineup of talent we have in store for My Little Pony fans will continue to grow all winter long. Visit our guests page to see all our current guests of honor, and be sure to follow Ponycon's Twitter and Facebook to be the first to hear the latest announcements. Everypony who’s anypony is planning to be there, this Hearts & Hooves Day weekend in Brooklyn, New York!

    Twitter: Calpain