• Building Bridges Songs Are Now Moving to Youtube! Have a Few Of Them!

    Looking for some music to listen to? The Building Bridges charity project from Bronies For Good just released an album a few days ago with a whole bunch of awesome songs on it from the talented people around the fandom. Some are veering a bit off from the pony side, but a good amount of them still stick tot he topic.

    About half have been uploaded to youtube, and we figured we'd get them compiled up! Have a bunch of music below. And if you like what you hear, you can donate or buy the entire thing over here.

    [1] Source

    Building Bridges - Sights Unseen by Sights Unseen

    [2] Source

    Indie Notes & Sprocket - Rise to Power - CHARITY by Sprocket Doggingsworth

    [3] Source

    Mad About It (ft. N. Hollow & Vinyl Darkscratch) by Mr. Mehster

    [4] Source

    Progressive Element - Come Together (B4G) by Progressive Element

    [5] Source

    ExplodingPonyToast - Malus [SoK 5: Building Bridges] by ExplodingPonyToast

    [6] Source

    CrystalData - Beyond the Lunar Eclipse [Building Bridges Version] by CrystalData

    [7] Source

    Silver Paradox - Justify (Seeds of Kindness:Building Bridges) by Silver Paradox