• Holiday Banner Event - November Portion Extended

    (Thanks to Shadowhulk for the header art! Commission them over here for only 800 DA points!)

    Quite a few of you have asked for this, so we are making a small change to the Holiday Banner Event. Since we have expanded beyond just making this a thanksgiving theme, we are moving the deadline for this month to the 30th.

    The My Little Pony side at Entertainment Earth wanted to note that the stock on their Chrome Rainbow Dash is low, and the others for this event are completely out of stock. You can check those out over here.

    If you want the Glitter Storm Rainbow Dash or original Rainbow Dash figure, the event is looking like a good chance at them. Both are completely out of stock at Entertainment Earth.

    We will start rotating banners as we move closer to the end of the month! Thanks to everyone sending them in! And remember, including our mascots puts you in the running for a random draw at Spike and Cadance.