• Music of the Day #565

    What kind of music does Celestia listen to? Think she prefers stuff from 1000 years ago, or that modern pop stuff the kids are all playing these days?

    Get the music of the day below!

    [1] Source

    Legends of Equestria- 1000 Years (Evershade #3) [VRC6] by Scooblee

    [2] Source

    Gray Skies Above by 'red Sage


    [3] Source

    【Cover】♪ This Day Aria ♪ by bloobirdy

    [4] Source

    All Guitar Cover | MLP:EqG - Unleash The Magic | by THE IRON PONY

    [5] Source

    Defletracker Bits - The Moon Rises (Game Boy Color) by Trojan Horse


    [6] Source

    What More Is Out There - Strigidae Vocal Remix | EQG Cover by Atrium Strigidae


    [7] Source

    TechohPony & Staccato Flame - What is Life by TechohPony


    [8] Source

    Totalspark - Call to the Sun by OfficialTotalspark

    Liquid D&B

    [9] Source

    fractilx - The Energy of Love [Ponies at Dawn entry] by Dreamland200S