• MLP PS4 Game Detailed

    Now that we have a PS4 version of Monopoly, a few people have dug into it to see what exactly is up. One person in particular sent over a pretty useful bullet list:

    • - The DLC is not accessible online and can only be used in "Local Play". 
    • - Only Rainbow Dash is an animated game piece. Despite the fact that up to 6 players can play, only a single player can pick RD. All others must pick original game pieces. 
    • - There are no pony sound bytes or any official pony music in the game.- Typos have been fixed.
    • Total cost: $17.98 USD

    There do appear to be some pretty heavily limits. Only one playable pony with how easy it is to recolor these guys is kind of ridiculous. Heres to hoping we get an update.

    Thanks to RockerBrony for the heads up!