• My Little Pony: Art Gallery II and MLP: FiM TPB Volume 8 Announced!

    Well now, isn't this a pleasant surprise! Buried in today's solicits were two quiet little announcements. The first is the second installment to the MLP Comic Art Gallery! After we didn't get an Art Gallery last year, I figured that little sub-series wasn't going to return.

    This is one of those rare instances where I'm happy to be wrong! The first one basically ended up being an Art Gallery dedicated to Sara Richard (which can't be faulted too much since her art is awesome) but with a little bit of luck we'll hopefully see more varied art in this second volume!

    MLP: Art Gallery II
    Publisher: IDW PUBLISHING

    (A) Various (CA) Sara Richard

    A brand new art gallery featuring your favorite Pony artists! Rare and never-before-seen art fill this gorgeous book!

    And we have the eighth volume in the Friendship is Magic Trade Paperback (TBP) reprint collections. Collecting five issues instead of the usual four, since a certain one shot Luchador issue sunk its way into release, you'll be getting little bit more comic for your buck with this edition.

    MLP: FiM TPB Volume 8
    Publisher: IDW PUBLISHING

    (W) Ted Anderson, Christina Rice, Thom Zahler(A) Jay P. Fosgitt, Agnes Garbowska, Tony Fleecs(CA) Agnes Garbowska

    Rarity helps Cherilee and her sister mend hurt feelings over a long-simmering grudge. A massive event celebrating Ponyville's founding is nearing but an argument between friends splits the town into two argumentative factions! And, something sinister is happening at Sweet Apple Acres! Bad apples have come alive and are determined to take over all of Ponyville! Collects issues #29-33.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for a SPOC Sneak Peek later today. Discord might just scream if you were to miss it.

    Special thanks to Chevistian for the heads up!