• MLP:FiM #32 BronyCon and Hot Topic Exclusive Covers Revealed!

    First, thank you Seth for picking up MLP:FiM #32 while at SDCC for me. As I thought, yes IDW did indeed publish their cover checklist on the inside cover of that comic, and Tony Fleecs, being the good sport that he is, tossed up the Hi-Rez version of the BronyCon Cover Comics World will be selling at the con on his twitter feed! Ain't it a beautiful cover!

    I plead the 5th as to whether or not what's on that cover is indicative of what's in the story. 

    But what of the other two covers? Well, the low res images just wouldn't cut it, so I scanned them for everyone to see.

    Evil apples at Hot Topic, and Applejack knowing how to play baseball. Amy Mebberson, you are a wonderful human being!

    As for the other BronyCon Cover, it looks like it's connection to something. And judging by the fact that that's Hoof Beatz's giant flank and tail behind Applejack's head it's probably going to be something provided by BronyCon itself.

    What could that something be? A print? A mini-poster? Something that all level badges combine to make one very large image that can only be seen through the power of friendship?

    I don't know. But whatever it is, I hope BronyCon will announce it pretty quick! Less than a month to go until the con!

    Special Thanks to Chevistian for seinding in the link to the high res Comics World BronyCon Cover!