• Awesome Con: IDW MLP After Action Report

    Yes, the resemblance between my OC and Doctor Whooves is uncanny. No, I did not realize that when I designed my Pony OC. No, I am not redesigning him.

    First of all, yes Tony Fleecs was absolutely floored that a fleece blanket has been made with his art and signature. Plus the fact that he didn't know, and I didn't know, made this discovery at the con all the more special!

    Anyways, as some of you may or may not be aware I made an unexpected trip to Awesome Con in Washington DC this past weekend. Why was it unexpected? Well, you don't exactly say no when you're asked out of the blue to moderate the show's MLP Comic panel.

    For a full breakdown of the highlights of the event, plus little teases of news that hasn't been officially announced yet, you can find it after the break!

    Jeremy Whitley: His creator owned series Princeless is eating up a vast majority of his time. However, he is currently working on a four issue MLP main series arc. He was mum on the subject of the arc, but stated that he's written two of the four issues as of the con, and stated that it's something he's sure fans will be quite pleased with when it comes out.

    For those of you unaware, Jeremy has also joined MLP Writer/Artist Katie Cook in getting work from Marvel Comics. While he wouldn't say anything about his story in Secret Wars: Secret Love, he was absolutely excited by the fact that he's writing for Marvel. Almost more excited for that than for Princeless. Almost.

    Also, for those who read Princeless, Jeremy's recommended reading order the series is as follows:

    1. Princeless: Save Yourself
    2. Princeless: Get Over Yourself
    3. Princeless: Short Stories
    4. Princeless: The Pirate Princess
    Princeless returns in June with Princeless: Be Yourself. In July, Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess—a new spin off series—kicks off!

    Brenda Hickey: This was her first convention, major or otherwise, that she's been a guest at in the United States. She is currently working on a non-MLP project that she can't talk too much about just now. She did mention that it's going to take up the vast majority of her comic work for the foreseeable future. Friends Forever #19 is a comic she is very excited for you all to see. She wouldn't give away anything about the plot, other than that Christina Rice has put together a fantastic story for everyone to enjoy.

    She did have her initial breakdowns for three of her MLP comic issues on display. It was a nice glimpse into her work process. Each artist works slightly differently so it is always a treat to get some insight into different techniques.

    Big news from Brenda, she's got a deal going on with an art dealer which allows her to get her comic art appraised and listed for sale on Comic Art House.com. In fact, the first four pages of FIENDship is Magic #1 are on sale right now!

    Agnes Garbowska: She wouldn't say too much about what she's currently working on, other than that she absolutely loved working on every issue that she's illustrated for that's starred Spike. And Pinkie Pie for reasons of Pinkie being her favorite pony. Agnes has mentioned before that she absolutely loves working with kids, and it showed by the very large crowd of kids and their parents that were surrounding her table.

    The kids were memorized as she drew and water colored their commissions right in front of them. And she always had a smile on her face as she answered any questions they had for her about her work, ponies, how to be an artist, ponies, any of the various prints she had at her table, and Pinkie Pie.

    Tony Fleecs: He now knows he's been made into a blanket and has started that that is his favorite piece of MLP Merch. I kid you not. He was tickled pick when I asked him to sign the packaging of mine.

    He is super excited to see how everyone reacts to Night of the Living Apples. It's one of the stories that he's most proud of working on, and that the mustached villain—you'll see—is one of the most amusing that he's drawn yet.

    He has worked on a bunch of covers, most of the ones that have been announced he has in his portfolio for all to see. There were a few that he left back at home, he was currently working on those and wanted to spend his time at the con focused on the con attendees.

    Thom Zahler: He stated point blank that Night of the Living Apples will end with everyone becoming a vampony and that the rest of the MLP:FiM comic line is going to be an I am Legend homage/parody starring Scootaloo.

    Aside from that being an awesome fanfic idea, I am dubious as to how truthful that statement is.

    Anyways, aside from being curious as to how his current two part arc will be received, he has one big piece of news that he's excited about. He wrote part 1 of Contest of Champions for the Marvel Cartoon series (that's another MLP writer/artist joining that Marvel club) Ultimate Spider-Man.

    One last thing from Thom, he's done a second cover for the Night of the Living Apples arc.

    Photo of MLP:FiM #33 1 in 10 Retailer Incentive Cover taken with permission.

    It's like Tony Fleecs, Andy Price, and now the story's writer Thom Zahler himself are trying to tell us something with these covers. But I can't quiet put my finger on it.

    Yes, I know what it is. No, I am not telling anyone. Why? Because everyone who was at Awesome Con's MLP Comic Panel should know exactly what I'm talking about if they were paying attention.

    Awesome Con 2015 MLP Panel: Now for the main reason why I went to the con. I was extremely honored and fortunate to have been asked to moderate the panel. However there was no projection screen, no projector, and no place to hook-up a laptop to give a quick presentation as to what's been announced from IDW for what's coming out in the next few months in the world of MLP Comics.

    So I did the smartest thing I could have done. Laid down a couple of ground rules regarding questions from the audience, and just turned the panel into an hour long Q&A session. Where this time the kids got a little something, either a signed comic or a free pencil sketch from Agnes Garbowska. Go Agnes! You rock for making sure every kid who walked up to ask a question got something to reward their bravery!

    Brenda was the star of the panel, usually being the first one to answer most art related questions, with Agnes, Tony, and Thom (not necessarily in that order) shortly behind with their experiences and perspectives.

    There were one or two art questions asked that were first answered by Jeremy, which—as he said—was to give him something to answer since he was the only person on the panel (aside from myself) who had no ability to draw.

    A notable question was asked about adding in new villains to the comic. Jeremy commented that outside of FIENDship is Magic, you can expect IDW to pay some previously established villains another visit. Thom mentioned that they're introducing a new villain in Night of the Living Apples, to which Tony replied they were asking for good villains, not a talking mob boss apple.

    The whole panel busted a gut at that comment. Whether Tony was being serious or just cracking a joke remains to be seen.

    A trivia question about the show was asked to the panel, which the five panelists aced!

    There was also a heavily armed talking raccoon with a potted plant who asked the panelists a question. I don't remember what was asked, I just remember freaking out (internally) at the fact that Rocket Raccoon was asking a question at a My Little Pony Panel.

    Only at a comic con, folks.

    All in all, the panel was a fun experience to be had by all.