• Top Draw Animator John 'Martin' Wong Inteview - Revealing More Derpy Origins, Vinyl Scratch Eyes, and More!

    We always see DHX get boatloads of love here on the interview front, but they aren't the only ones working on the show. Philippines based studio Top Draw animation does a lot of the heavy animating once DHX completes their main work. 

    One of their former animators has decided to open up about all sorts of interesting things, from the origins of some of our favorite background ponies, to animating Luna. Expect lots of interesting behind-the-scenes here!

    Head on down below the break to check it out.


    The Cutie Art Crusaders are happy to announce our super exciting interview with a former My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic animator, Mr. John 'Martin' Wong! We were fortunate enough to snag this interview and now that it's recorded, we want to share it with the fandom! During the interview we talked about a lot of amazing things, from the animators becoming the original bronies, Derpy's origins, Vinyl's eyes, animating Luna and even more fun stories! We also got to learn about the animation process, including what tools they use and their connections with the rest of the MLP:FiM team.

    Come join us tomorrow night at 8pm EDT (midnight UTC) on our Picarto stream to see the very first première of our latest episode, or if you can't make it feel free to head to our Youtube page to check it out afterwards!

    We're really excited to have had a dialogue with a relatively untouched area of the show, and we're super happy to share this with all of you! We look forward to seeing you all at the livestream.

    -RainbowPlasma, on behalf of all the CutieArtCrusaders