• Spotlight Music: Sinking Ships (µThunder & FritzyBeat Remix)

    I admit to not listening to a lot of pony music, counting probably less than two dozen on my MP3 player, but the ones I do listen to have some sort of special meaning to me and have a special place in my heart. Sinking Ships is one of those songs.

    A year and a half ago when the original Sinking Ships came out as part of Rainbow Dash Presents Bittersweet I was in a depressing and dark point in my life (around the same time I temp quit EqD) where I was dissatisfied with my job, my future, and fighting with myself over what I wanted in life. When this song came out it's lyrics really resonated with me and hearing them in Rainbow Dash's adorkable voice from RDP helped make many trips to work and the lab more bearable.

    With that said I'm here to present a remix just as upbeat as the lyrics of the original that I hope is able to inspire you much like it did for me all that time ago.

    (Also visit Petirep who was responsible for Rainbow Dash Presents and the header!)

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